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Holiday Home Sales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for considering Coastal Kippford for your holiday home.

Coastal Kippford is a non-residential holiday park and it is important you consider what that means.

The following questions and answers explain the holiday use requirement and other frequently asked questions.

What can my caravan/lodge be used for?

Caravans/lodges at our park can only be used for holiday purposes. This means the holiday home may not be someone’s main residence. That is why we ask you about the address of your main residence and will continue to do so while you own the holiday home.

How long can a holiday be?

There is no hard and fast rule because people’s individual circumstances vary so much. The point is that someone who is on holiday has their main residence elsewhere where they mainly live.

How frequently can I have a holiday?

There is no limit to the number of holidays which can be taken in the caravan/lodge provided that it is not used as someone’s only or main place of residence.

Can I work locally and my children go to local schools?

No as commuting to work or school from the Park would be taken as strongly indicating the holiday home is being used as someone’s main residence.

Can I register with the doctor locally?

We understand people may get ill on holiday and should this happen you can access a local doctor as a temporary patient. It should not be necessary for someone with a main residence elsewhere to register with the doctor for holiday periods unless they have particular health requirements.

I am retired and want to use the caravan/lodge all the time?

Being retired does not mean you are on holiday. The test is whether you have a main residence elsewhere.

My main residence is overseas does this count?

Yes but all the facts are relevant when deciding whether the overseas property or the caravan/lodge is your main residence. These would include whether you own the overseas property or, if it is rented then how long you have rented it for, how much time you spend in the holiday home and how much in the overseas property.

Can I run a business from the holiday home?

Definitely not. This would not be consistent with holiday use. However if someone wanted to keep in touch with their work or business whilst they are on holiday for example, they could use a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Can I have post delivered to the park?

We do not facilitate this. If post is delivered as a matter of course, this would indicate the caravan/lodge is being used as an only or main place of residence.  As long as the holiday home is not being used as main place of residence and/or proof of address, occasional mail can be sent here.

Can I register for Council Tax in order to obtain Housing Benefit?

No.  A holiday home cannot be used as a main residence therefore Council Tax does not apply.  Rates however are chargeable for holiday homes.  Paying Council Tax or receiving Housing Benefit would be taken as strongly indicating the holiday home is being used as a main residence.

What happens if I break the holiday rule?

Your Licence Agreement with us contains your undertaking to comply with the holiday rule. If you broke that we would ask you to stop doing so. If you were to fail to comply, we would be entitled to terminate the Licence Agreement and to ask you to remove the caravan/lodge. The planning authority might also take action against you for breach of the holiday rule.

What happens if my circumstances change?

Your Licence Agreement does not allow the caravan/lodge to be used as a main residence, even on a temporary basis.

How long is the Park open for?

We are open all year.

What facilities are there on and near the Park?

We have a children’s Play Area and an Adventure Playground. There is also cycle hire close by and fabulous range of cycle trails, from gentle family ones to ‘black’ hardrock trails. Our main aim is to provide you with a beautiful and relaxing holiday base, not a “mini Butlins”. Adjacent to the Park is a 9 hole golf course, and at the village, two fine pubs and the sea! Our Woodland walks join up with the Forestry Commission, National Trust, and Solway Heritage to enhance your enjoyment of the local area.

How long can we keep our holiday home at Kippford?

Once the initial guaranteed period is past we will not ask holiday home owners to remove their holiday home unless it becomes one of the oldest of its type on the park, normally several years beyond the initial guaranteed period.

Can we hire out our Holiday Home?

Yes, holiday homes can be hired out through the Park’s rental management service provided they meet the rental criteria and standard required.  Please ask a member of staff for more information.

Can we bring Dogs and Cats?

Yes, provided they are looked after and kept on the lead when outside and toileted off the park (or droppings lifted).  They may not go near children’s play areas.  Cats are not encouraged (if brought they must stay inside the holiday home).  We value our Red Squirrels too much to allow cats to be outside.

Can you provide us with Finance?

We no longer provide finance assistance because the cheapest loans are now from customer’s own banks.

What if we decide that we do not want to be here anymore?

You can take your holiday home away yourself, or you can sell it privately on the park or sell it through us. We always use Glass’s Guide as a fair basis for assessing values, before adding on the value of the pitch and any verandahs, etc. as well, so that our recommended price covers those extras you may have added.

Can we request a particular model of new holiday home?

Yes, as we have contacts with all the major holiday home manufacturers we are able to order which ever holiday home you would like.

What about Pitch Fees & Rates?

Pitch Fees quoted are for the year 1 January to 31 December. These are due in full in advance but may be paid by ten standing order payments commencing the previous 1 November.

Rates quoted are for the year 1 April to 31 March. These are calculated and invoiced in June each year.

What about Insurance?

The Park insurance cover is for the year 1 July to 30 June. Cover is “new for old”.

We believe the best quality of cover is through our in-house scheme which is offered to you at cost, to which we add an arrangement fee of £40.80. The premium for a caravan valued at £40,000 is approximately £300.00 (2017-18).

What about Electricity & Gas?

Electricity is metered at each holiday home and an invoice is sent at the end of September each year, charged at the tariff approved by OFGEN. Gas bottles are paid for as used, or invoiced monthly.

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