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Where is the Best Place to Have a Holiday Home in the UK & Scotland?

Posted by Cas on 20th April 2021
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A holiday home is one of those investments that keeps on giving. Whether you choose to enjoy it with family and friends, use it for rental income or both, a holiday home is a sound investment.

There’s a reason why so many people choose to purchase holiday homes in the UK and Scotland though. With lush, vibrant scenes in the summer and eye-catching landscapes in the winter, any time of the year is a good time for a holiday.

How do you choose between all the beautiful locations though? To help you in your search, we’ve put together this guide to the best holiday home locations in the UK and Scotland.

A Guide to the Best Place to Have a Holiday Home in Scotland & the UK

Isle of Skye

Source: BBC

Isle of Skye is popular amongst locals as well as tourists, and for good reason. It’s one of the best places to escape everyday city life. The tiny villages are surrounded by unspoiled beaches and high-rise peaks, a little bit of everything for nature lovers. The holiday homes in Isle of Skye are generally packed with features such as fireplaces, hot tubs and modern interiors.

Lake District

Where is the Best Place to Have a Holiday Home in the UK & Scotland?

Source: TripSavvy

If you want to spend time exploring the English countryside, Lake District comes highly recommended. This national park is brimming with clear lakes and surrounded by large mountains. In terms of where to purchase a holiday home, Bowness-on-Windermere and Keswick are popular choices. Both towns are easily accessible by road and you’ll have access to all the amenities you need. And if you’re travelling with kids, you’ll be happy to know there’s loads to do in the Lake District.

Kippford, South West Scotland

Source: Coastal Kippford

This beautiful sailing village is home to some of the best holiday parks in Scotland. Holidaymakers enjoy delightful beaches and a waterfront that’s littered with white-washed houses. Along with enjoying the natural scenery and local wildlife, there are also two cosy waterfront pubs, a gift shop and cafe and a number of family-friendly activities to enjoy. Some of the popular local activities include the Dino Park, Mabie Farm Park, The Devil’s Porridge Museum, cycling, hiking and more.

Peak District

Source: Secret Manchester

This was the UK’s first official National Park and offers some of the best countryside views that England has to offer. All of the towns within Peak District are just as picturesque, including Ashbourne, Matlock, Eyam and Castleton. Peak District is particularly well known for its festivals and events that take place throughout the year, most notably their Christmas market. While it can get quite busy during the holiday season, it’s a great place to own a family holiday home.

Isle of Arran

Source: LoveExploring

Isle of Arran has something for everyone. From castles and hiking routes to strolls along the beach, this is an unforgettable holiday home destination. Most of the holiday homes here have similar features to those in Isle of Skye and most of them have a view. Purchasing a property with a view is recommended if you plan to rent it out. Something else to keep in mind is that you will need to take a ferry to get there, but that’s one of the biggest appeals of this location.


If you would prefer to enjoy warmer temperatures throughout most of the year, you may want to consider Cornwall as a holiday home location. It’s also the ideal spot if you and your family love spending time on the beach. With that being said, keep in mind that the area gets quite busy during the summer months but if you don’t mind the crowds, this is a great family-friendly destination. If you do plan to use your holiday home often, it’s recommended that you search for a property that includes a hot tub and woodburning stove for those cooler months.

Loch Ness

Source: Planetware

Loch Ness attracts thousands of tourists every year but it’s also one of the top locations for a family holiday home. What’s more, purchasing a holiday home here instantly boosts your rental income prospects. Location is everything though, so take your time with your search. There are a lot of other holiday homes in the area, so search for a property that stands out. Along with searching for Nessie, there are also castles and countryside settings to explore.

The Search for the Perfect Holiday Home

When searching for a holiday home, focus on what’s most important to you. What do you usually do with your family while on holiday? What sort of features do you look for when renting holiday homes? These are guidelines that can help you in your search and the above locations are a great place to start.

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