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Park Rules

These park rules are in place for the good management of Kippford Holiday Park and the benefit of all who use it.  These rules form part of the Licence Agreement that is the contract between us for your occupation of a pitch on the park.  They should be read alongside your Licence Agreement.

The park rules do not affect anything to which you are entitled under the terms of your Licence Agreement.

The expression ‘you’/’your’ means the holiday home Owner and/or occupier (and this includes anyone using or hiring the caravan/lodge from you).  The expression ‘we’/’us’/’our’ refers to the Park Owner.

Please make sure that anyone using the holiday home is aware of the park rules.

The Licence Agreement sets out the principles under which Kippford Holiday Park operates.  Where no specific mention is made regarding any particular subject within the Purchase and Licence Agreements or Park Rules, the principles contained in those documents will be taken as applicable in any cases of complaint or disagreement between Kippford Holiday Park and Owners of Holiday Homes.

You are reminded that breach of these rules is a breach of your Licence Agreement and could result in termination of the Licence Agreement.


Payment of accounts is required timeously, ie. within 30 days.  After 30 days a breach of the terms of the licence agreement is held to have taken place. Once a breach has taken place, the Park is entitled to serve written notice to the Owner specifying the breach and giving a further 30 days for it to be put right.  If the Owner does not comply with the written notice, the Park is entitled to end the Licence Agreement and require removal of the holiday home from the pitch within one further month.

Accounts which are not paid within 30 days will attract interest from the due date at 4% over the base rate of Barclays Bank, unless the prior written agreement of the Management has been received.

Please contact the Park Reception for details of current Park labour charges.


Payment of Pitch Fees may be made in full by 1 January or by monthly standing order, on the basis of 10 monthly payments commencing 1 November the previous year for full year.  Pitch fees are not refundable in the event of caravan damage, inclement weather, lack of use, etc.

Payment of the Pitch Fee and other accounts due entitles the Owner to keep the holiday home on the designated pitch, for the appropriate period only.


‘Rates’ (including Council Rates, charges for water and sewage systems and associated costs) are due in full upon being invoiced.  In the event of the rates liability payable or attributable to the pitch or holiday home being increased after notification of the likely sum due, then the Owner will pay the amount of the increase to the Park.  Rates Rebates will be given on early departure in the same scale as for pitch fees.


We recommend that Owners insure through the Park agency.  Holiday Homes, Touring Caravans on Seasonal Pitches and all other goods and equipment should be fully insured.  The Park accepts no responsibility or liability for damage caused to any person or property by uninsured Owners.  No liability will be accepted by the Park in the event that any Owners, Guests or other persons’ possessions are not adequately insured, nor will the Park accept that there is a liability upon the Park to ensure that Owners, Guests and other persons are adequately insured.

Owners are to ensure that the level of contents cover suggested is satisfactory.  Higher levels are generally available if required.  Owners are asked to remove valuables, including moveable electrical items, during the winter.

The cost of repairing/replacing lathing is not covered by Insurers in most instances.  In the interests of park amenity, park staff may repair or replace lathing as required without obtaining the Owners permission, and will charge so for doing.

Mr CR and Mrs GB Aston is an appointed representative of Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Registered Office: Spectrum Building 7th Floor, 55 Blysthwood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT.  Registered in Scotland. Company Number: SC108909.


You are solely responsible for securing the holiday home.  Neither the Park Management, nor their employees, shall be held liable for any loss, damage or theft to or from any holiday home or other possessions or property, nor for injury, accident or mishap to any person or their possessions on or off the Park, except where negligence by the Park Management or Staff is proved.

Payment of any portion of the Pitch Fees, and/or the presence of the Holiday Home on the Park after 1 January implies that the Owner accepts the Terms of the Licence Agreement, and of this document.

Owners agree that Park staff have the right to enter holiday homes in the event of any perceived danger or risk to others and have Owner’s permission to do so.


You are responsible for the external cleanliness of the caravan and its pitch and for keeping the area around the caravan clean and tidy.

During the winter months, winter frost protection and the drain down of water is the responsibility of the Holiday Home Owner.  You must ensure all gas, electricity and water connections are switched off when the caravan is unoccupied.  Should you require the assistance of a local plumber this will be co-ordinated by the Park Management, but only on receipt of written instructions.  We recommend the curtains of your Caravan are drawn back and all items of value removed when unoccupied.

If you experience any problem with the park’s electrical, gas or water system, you should contact us.  You must not attempt to work on any part of the park’s electrical, gas or water system yourself; this includes any installations on the pitch.

You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.

Caravans may not be repainted externally; a wash and wax is all that is needed.  Some lodge types do require painting, colours must be in accordance with Park guidance.

We do not permit the erection of fences or any means of enclosure of a caravan pitch.

Owners are required to obtain written permission from the Park if they wish to:

  • Change the colour or shade of finish of any holiday home.
  • Build verandas or patios or alter steps or parking arrangements.
  • Landscape ground in the vicinity of their pitch.

The Park reserves the right to do any or all of the above works as may be agreed and to charge for so doing, as well as to refuse to permit such work to be done.  The normal rate charged for building verandahs is £18 plus VAT per square foot and patios from £10 plus VAT per square foot.  Owners agree that park staff have the right to enter holiday homes in the event of danger or risk to others and have the Owner’s permission to do so.


You should use the park safely and should not cause danger to others.

You should obey all health and safety notices displayed on the park and act on the reasonable instructions of park staff in matters of health and safety.

You must ensure that all occupants of your holiday home are familiar with the location of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notices displayed at each point.

You must not store fuels or combustible materials other than LPG containers on the park.


Your holiday home may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the ‘maximum sleeping capacity’ stipulated in your Licence Agreement; if no number is stipulated then it may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.


You should respect the privacy of other Owners and keep the noise to a minimum between the hours of 10.00pm and 10.00am.  The Management’s decision in instances of concern or complaint is final.

You must keep away from any vacant pitches.

You may only consume alcohol within the boundaries of your pitch.

You must not use fire hoses for any improper purpose including washing cars.

You must not fly kites on the park or use drones, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying objects on the park.

You must not use any Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar.

Children under the age of 16 should not be left without an adult on the Park at any time.  Young children must not be given the freedom of the park after dusk.  Park staff are entitled to escort any children who misbehave back to their Parent or Guardian, and to call the Police if they feel it necessary.

There is a games and play area on the Park.  Other grassed areas should not be used for games.  Children who are responsible are welcome to explore our woodland areas.

Bicycles may not be ridden on grassed areas.  After dusk (ie. after the automatic lights come on) front and rear lights must be used.  Bicycles are subject to the 10 mph speed limit.  The reception area is not to be used by bicycles for reasons of safety.  You may not ride bicycles, scooters (or similar) so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise.

In the event of persistent or serious misconduct by you, a member of your family, your occupiers, visitors or guests, you accept that any breach of our behaviour standards, outlined in Clause 5 of your Licence Agreement, may bring about the termination of this Licence Agreement.


Reception is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.  The location of duty staff will be shown beside the door.  Where possible, routine matters should be left for when reception is open, which staff will appreciate, although staff will always respond to emergencies as they happen, within the limits of their skills.

Messages – these will be taken for owners but, except in emergencies, they will not be delivered personally.  There is a letter board – owners should check this.  The telephone answer machine is switched on in the evenings and Sundays and messages may not be picked up until the following morning.


Calor Gas is available in bottles.  Only Calor empties can be accepted.  Gas is delivered just once a week, normally on a Friday, and orders must be in the office by Thursday afternoon.  Gas required outwith office hours will be delivered at an additional charge.

Electricity is metered separately at each pitch and charged for annually.  A continuous supply of power is not guaranteed and loss of power is not a valid reason for a refund of pitch fees.

Water – a continuous supply is not guaranteed and loss of supply is not a valid reason for a refund of pitch fees.

‘Underground’ services become the responsibility of the Holiday Home Owner as follows:

  • Electricity – at the point of cable connection
  • Water – at the outlet end of the stop tap
  • Sewage – at the first joint above ground level.


The felling or trimming of trees or shrubs and using trees for fixing items to is strictly prohibited.  If you find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory you should take the matter up with us; do not deal with it yourself.

You must not plant any tree or shrub or dig any holes on the park without discussing the matter with senior staff in Reception and obtaining consent.

Owners must not unnecessarily drive over grassed areas.

Some grassed areas of the Park are extremely slippery due to fungal growth amongst the moss in the grass.  Care should be taken and paths used.


You may only use washing lines of the rotary type or hook-on or folding clothes airers and must remove them and store them out of sight immediately after use.

You must site washing lines to avoid inconvenience to other Owners and park operations.


You must not deposit refuse outside your holiday home.  You must use the refuse bins provided.


You must insure all vehicles (and items towed by vehicles) you use on the Park as for use on the public road.

Quad bikes, trail bikes and powered scooters are not permitted on the Park.

You must drive all vehicles on the Park carefully and within the displayed speed limit (10 mph).

You must hold a full current driving licence to drive any vehicle on the Park.

You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons at the Park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the Park.

You must not park anywhere except in the permitted parking spaces.


Some Owners choose to let out their holiday home.  A copy of our current rental policy is available on request.  The Owner renting will indemnify the Park for any damages to which the Park may become liable due to any defect in the holiday home or its equipment, and also for any loss or damage caused to the Park by a rental client of the Owner.  All holiday homes are let at the risk of their Owner.

There is, of course, no objection to Owners allowing family or close friends the use of their holiday home, but it is important that the Owner is fully insured and has a current Gas Safety Certificate.

We stress that the safety of guests is the responsibility of the Owner who should be satisfied that he/she/they is/are adequately insured in the event of any disaster.

Where family or friends are allowed to visit or use the holiday home you must advise the Park in advance.


We have seen a decline in demand for hot tubs in recent years.  Coupled with the significant rise in running costs, and maintenance costs to comply with legionella control measures, we have taken a decision not to allow anymore hot tubs on Park.


Coastal Kippford is a pet friendly Park.

We accept dogs other than any of the breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Cats are not encouraged at the Park, due to our conservation concerns.  If brought they may only be kept inside the car or holiday home.  They are not permitted to be on verandah/patio, or exercised outside unless on a lead.

Other small pets which live in a cage, aquarium or similar may be permitted.

Dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted in any of our shower blocks.

You must tell us before you visit the park if you plan to bring any pet or animal and answer any reasonable question about them and their suitability for our park environment.  If we are not satisfied that the pet or animal is suitable for our park environment, we may tell you that you cannot bring them.  This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk.

Any pet or animal you bring must be supervised by and under the control of you, or of a responsible adult in your party, at all times.  This means you may not leave any pet or animal unsupervised in the holiday home or anywhere on the park at any time, apart from small pets which live in a cage, aquarium or similar.  Nor may you leave any pet or animal under the supervision of any person aged under 18.  These rules apply even if the pet or animal knows the park well and you believe them to be well-behaved.

If you do not supervise and control any pet or animal, we are likely to ask you to remove it from the park straight away.  This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk.

If you see another pet or animal anywhere on the park which does not appear to be supervised by and under the control of a responsible adult, or whose behaviour gives a cause for concern please tell us straight away.

You must not exercise dogs on the park.

You must keep any dog on a short lead at all times on the park.

You must clean up if your animal defecates on the park.

You must not keep any pet or animal at the holiday home or on the pitch except those which are housed in a cage, aquarium or similar and remain at all times within your holiday home.

Your Licence Agreement contains undertakings not to cause any nuisance, undue noise or disturbance.  These extend to the behaviour of pets and animals.

Nothing in these Park Rules prevents you or any member of your party from bringing an assistance dog to the park, or from using the dog exactly as at home, if this is required to support a disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence.


Where an Owner wishes to sell their holiday home, this will be done in accordance with the terms of the Licence Agreement at a charge of 15% + VAT transfer fee.  In some circumstances this rate of transfer fee may be reduced.  Private ‘For Sale’ notices are not permitted in Holiday Homes on the Park.  Please enquire at Reception for further details.

The proceeds from the sale of your holiday home (plus refunds due, less any costs) will be paid to you around 5 working days following the agreed date of entry.


The Park’s Legal costs incurred in connection with the recovery of sums due or enforcement of good behaviour are to be paid in full by the Owner of the Holiday Home from which the problem emanated.

The Park keeps your personal details on computer and paper retrieval systems in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The Park will hold you to be in agreement with the above points unless you inform the Park in writing to the contrary.

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