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Ways to Get Value from Your Holiday Home

Posted by bladmin on 24th February 2022
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A holiday home is a wonderful thing.  It is a place to sit back, relax, and watch nature and the world unfold around you.  It is a place to enjoy at any time of the year.

get value from your holiday homeWhen you own a holiday home you have access to your own piece of paradise, a place you can visit when you fancy a change of scenery, some time alone for a little bit of peace and tranquility, or even a place to gather the family.

Here are some ways to get the most value from your own holiday home.

Value Breaks

Think about the cost of a holiday.  The most expensive part is often the place you wish to stay.  The amount of time spent on holiday is often limited to how many hotel nights one can afford.  Investing in your own holiday home removes this issue.  You can stay as long as you want!

Six weeks away would be just as easy as a week.  You can holiday several times a year without ever having to worry about where you are going to stay.  That’s all sorted and you know your home will always be clean and tidy and up to your standards.  No other guest will have used it before you.

Spending all your funds on eating out (unless you really want to) will also be a thing of the past as your holiday home will have your own fully fitted kitchen.  Dining out can be part of the holiday experience instead of a necessity.  Lets be honest, eating out is great, but sometimes you simply cannot beat a home cooked meal.

From this perspective alone, you can make massive savings by investing in your own holiday home.

Last Minute Breaks

get value from your holiday homeSometimes you just want to get away.  Not next week, or next month, an immediate holiday the day you decide.  The problems you then face include finding somewhere to stay that’s not booked up, deciding where to escape too, working out if you can afford to escape, flights, taxis, airport parking and more.

A holiday home means you have a place to go and stay whenever you want, with no notice, that won’t require checking your bank balance or taking out a loan!  You can visit at any time without pre-booking.  It is your holiday destination that you can visit whenever you like.

Extra Income

Your holiday home is something that you can rent out when you are not using it.  Other people can enjoy a relaxing holiday in a place you know they will love, and you will have an extra source of income which can make a significant difference to your bank balance.  Check out this recent article Staycations here to stay – holiday owners set for another record-breaking year.

Improved Lifestyle

Life is so busy that it is easy to forget the important moments in our lives.  Those moments we spend in the company of our family and our friends, making memories that will last a lifetime.

get value from your holiday homeNo matter how big your family, having a holiday home that you can all retreat to improves your chances of making beautiful memories together.  Imagine…

  • Walking down the beach as a couple;
  • Exploring nature with your children;
  • Cooking a meal with 3 generations of your family;
  • Walking through the woods with your parents as you reminisce about your childhood memories with them.

Doesn’t the thought of relaxing times with family make you smile?  Family time has been proven to improve both physical and mental health.

Range of Health Benefits

Being at your holiday home and away from the stresses of life provides a host of health benefits.

get value from your holiday homeThe first is that spending time with family encourages physical activity.  Physical activity in turn improves your physical health and well being.  Spending time with others of different age ranges and personalities (aka family) also improves your mental well being and can reduce the impact of mental health issues like depression and social anxiety.

Family is not the only thing that increases your health when you have a holiday home.

  • Staying in a holiday home takes you away from the stress-inducing fast-paced society that we live in today.
  • You will get plenty of fresh air away from city life.  Fresh air improves your digestive system, your blood pressure, your immune system, and has been scientifically proven to make you a happier and healthier person overall.
  • Being outdoors boosts your energy and makes you feel more relaxed.  Having a holiday home in a beautiful corner of our world, like in Coastal Kippford, will make you want to get outside more and enjoy the views.

Belong to a Community

There is something special about belonging to a community.  It is wonderful to be surrounded by people of like minds who don’t want drama and chaos.  Plenty of that in a city.  In a holiday home community, it is all about relaxing, taking things slower, having pleasant conversations and enjoying every moment.

get value from your holiday homeYou get to meet new people and make new friends and we’re not just talking about the other holiday home Owners on the holiday park.  You will be able to make friends with the staff of the holiday park too.  They often become friends of many of the holiday home Owners.

One of the biggest reasons people prefer to buy a holiday home in a holiday park is because of the people.  It is the neighbours who care, and the staff who will keep your property safe when you’re not at your holiday home.

It is the peace of mind that comes with relaxing on a value holiday in a holiday park like Coastal Kippford.

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