Pet Friendly Caravan Parks – What You Need To Know

Pet friendly caravan parks are a godsend for the many people who are reluctant to go on holiday if their dog can’t come too. These pet lovers simply aren’t comfortable leaving their beloved pets in kennels for a week or two, or using a twice-daily dog walker who leaves the dog home alone for the rest of the time.

So if you’re planning to holiday with your dog, pet friendly caravan parks are an ideal choice. However, it’s essential that you check the Park’s rules regarding dogs before you go ahead with your booking.

1. Park Rules – How Many

If you’d like to take more than one dog on holiday with you, you’ll need to check with the caravan park what the maximum number of dogs they’ll accept per rental accommodation. At Coastal Kippford we accept a maximum of two.

2. Park Rules – Leads

Parks will no doubt insist that dogs are kept on a lead whenever they are outside in the park, which makes complete sense: however well trained your dog, you can’t predict how they will react in a new place (full of exciting smells) and other two and four legged strangers.

Pet Friendly Caravan Parks
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3. Park Rules – Cleaning Up

Parks will also insist you clean up after your dog should they make a mess (which should be no problem if you’re a considerate dog owner who always carries dog poop bags!). This is for health reasons and also a common courtesy to your fellow holidaymakers.

4. Park Rules – Home Alone

Many pet friendly caravan parks will not allow dogs to be left unattended, so when planning your holiday, ensure all your planned activities include your dog too.

5. Park Rules – Exercise

Some pet friendly caravan parks do have allocated space specifically designated for exercising dogs. However others may require that you take your dogs off site to exercise them. Park staff will be able to advise you on the best places you can go to exercise your dog.

Some beaches in the UK prohibit dogs however all the local beaches around Coastal Kippford allow dogs all year round.

6. Things To Do Together

You may wish to enjoy your holiday by visiting local places of interest – so find out in advance which nearby attractions accept dogs. Again the holiday park staff will be able to give you guidance.

At Coastal Kippford we welcome dogs on the Park and have a number of pet friendly rental lodges and caravans. We also have lodges and caravans for sale so should you decide to buy a holiday home on Park then your four legged friends would be very welcome!

Pet Friendly Caravan Parks in ScotlandThe majority of our holiday homes have a gated decked area where your dog can roam freely. There is also direct access from the Park to a number of beautiful coastal and forest walks where dogs can be exercised.

The two restaurants/bars in Kippford Village – The Anchor and The Mariner – accept pets (and children too!).

For more information about our dog friendly accommodation, please visit our rentals page or contact us if you have a specific question about holidaying with your dog.

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