Why Taking Your Dog On Holiday Is The Best Thing To Do

Taking your dog on holiday is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your faithful friend.  With so many reasons to take your four legged friend with you, you’d be silly to leave them at home.

1. Kennels Will Make YOU Miserable

Leaving your dog in a kennel is likely to make you miserable on your holiday.  You’ll inevitably end up worrying about your little friend and you’ll be checking the kennel’s social media page for a glimpse of pictures of Buster or Bella.  You’ll spend too much time online rather than enjoying your holiday, so just take your pooch on holiday so you can enjoy being together.

2. Is Your Dog Sitter Good Enough?

Perhaps you’ve a loyal dog sitter who comes to visit every morning and night, but is that good enough?  Probably not as far as your dog is concerned.  Your companion loves having you around and however lovely the dog sitter, it’s not you, and so isn’t good enough to curb their own separation anxieties.  Dogs can become stressed when parted from their owner which can cause all sorts of negative issues, like not eating.  This is really unhealthy for your dog, so it’s better all-round if they come with you on holiday.

3. Your Stress Will Be Less

Taking Your Dog On Holiday

It’s clinically proven that having your pooch at your side reduces stress.  Just having them near you activates all the feel-good chemicals in the brain and you instantly begin to feel calmer and more at home.  Playing with your dog at pit stops as you travel to your destination will release oxytocin which will dissolve any stress involved with the journey.  And once you’ve arrived they will continue to keep you focused on relaxing and having fun, rather than worrying about work and all that you’ve left at home.

4. Quality Time For Them

Dogs long for 24/7 quality time with you.  Most of us have prolonged periods away from our pets, and with our busy lifestyles, it can be hard to catch a few minutes of quality time with them before you have to dash off again.  Taking your dog on holiday allows both of you to spend some well-deserved, uninterrupted time together.  You can visit beaches, woodlands and other dog-friendly locations such as stopping for tasty treats at a well deserved cafe break.

Taking Your Dog On Holiday
“Photo: Well Pet Coach”

5. No Option But To Be Active

Taking your dog on holiday means that you’ll have to get out and walk – and exercise can only be a good thing.  With miles of beautiful countryside around the UK, you’re spoiled for choice about where to go with your four legged friend.  Visit castles and villages on foot and see the true day-to-day lives of the people who live there – all of which you’d miss if you merely drove by these places in your car.

6. Meet Other Dog Lovers

Not to go all 101 Dalmatians on you but you can meet some really great people when you’re out walking your dog!  Nowadays many people take their dogs on holiday so there’ll be plenty of people around to tell you where to go, where not to go and what’s absolutely fabulous in the area for you and your dog to enjoy.  If your pooch is still a pup, taking them to parks and other places where dog lovers hang out, is really good for socialising them and getting them used to other dogs.

7. Dog Friendly Accommodation

You don’t have to stay in a tent or own your own caravan to take your dog on holiday with you. There is a huge choice of dog friendly accommodation available: static caravan parks, apartments, cottages and hotels.  If you choose to stay in a static caravan or cottage you’ll have plenty of space and grounds to please your pup, as opposed to just a room in a dog friendly hotel.

Taking Your Dog On HolidayIn fact you’ll be surprised by the vast number of UK venues that allow dogs to holiday with their owners – some destinations welcome dogs for free.  Whether you want to holiday in Cornwall or right up to John O’Groats in Scotland, there will be doggie-friendly accommodation with your name on it.

8. No Problematic Passports

If you stay in the UK there’s no need to go through the hassle of getting a dog passport.  Dog passports can sometimes take time to arrange which can be rather draining.  Why not stay closer to home and explore beautiful places of the UK you’ve yet to discover – with dog in tow.  Choosing a destination not too far way also means that your dog won’t be stuck in the car for long hours of travelling.

Taking your dog on holiday is the best thing you can do – for both you and your pet – because nobody knows your dog as well as you.  Imagine their concern when they see suitcases being packed, followed by the excitement when they realise they are also invited on your adventure.

With so many dog-friendly accommodation types to choose from across the UK, why not plan your doggie-comes-too holiday – they’ll love you more than ever for it.

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