Caravan Holidays – Proven To Improve Your Health And Wellbeing

Let’s face it, we all like to get away for a few days every now and then.  But preparing to leave the stresses of day to day life behind for a while can be a stressful task in itself – by the time you finally reach your holiday destination, you need that relaxing break more than ever!

Every type of holiday is going to have its benefits, but be sure that caravan holidays are proven* to improve your health and wellbeing.

caravan holidays proven to improve healthWhy Are Caravan Holidays Good For Your Health?

Generally a caravan getaway means a holiday with loved ones, and that alone has proved to be beneficial for our health – did you know that laughter is good for your heart?

Many caravan holiday parks are also located out of busy town centres, close to nature, woodland walks and those parks on the coast may be a quick hop, skip and a jump to the nearest beach.  As the saying goes ‘a little fresh air never hurt anyone’, and that is precisely what people can enjoy when holidaying at a caravan park.  According to new research*, around 86% of caravan holidaymakers go on regular walks of more than 2 miles during their stay.

A dollop of laughter with family and friends, and a relaxed walk in the countryside is definitely the basis of a healthy holiday.

caravan holidays proven to improve healthKeeping Fit Has Never Been So Easy

People often diet before going on holiday to lose a few pounds and not feel guilty about what they eat when they are away.  Others get slightly anxious that they won’t be able to do their regular workout at their local gym.

But if you holiday on a caravan park, you’re likely to be at least as active, if not more, as normal.  In fact you could have burnt off those chips before even eating them!  Research* shows that 36% of people on caravan holidays go cycling, and 57% spend time doing physical activities. Being spoilt for choice with the forests, beaches, and walking trails so close by, makes people more likely to get active on this type of holiday. If you participate in active events during your holiday, then you could probably go all out and enjoy a guilt-free dessert as well!

Are Caravan Holidays Actually Relaxing?

Compared to travelling abroad, with the hassle of airport check-ins, flights and transfers, or city breaks where you spend long days traipsing round to view all the “must-see” tourist attractions, a caravan holiday is like a breath of fresh air.

If you drive to your holiday park, you can take your own sweet time and break the journey as you see fit.  And once you arrive, there is simply no pressure to do anything at all.  Research shows that a whopping 99% of holidaymakers spent time simply relaxing on their caravan holiday, whether it was playing board games with the family, chilling on the beach, or having a BBQ and a beer or glass of wine for dinner.

caravan holidays proven to improve healthRefreshed And Revived

What better way to charge your batteries than having a relaxing caravan holiday.  Come rain or shine you get a good dose of fresh air, the kids leave their iPads inside while they play outside, and the dogs are in their element having so much company and attention every day.  Being enveloped by nature is enough to put anyone at ease, but combining it with great company, plenty of activities, and picture perfect surroundings, you have yourself a truly relaxing holiday.

Caravan holidays are ridiculously affordable when compared to international travel or hotel stays in the UK.  And by choosing a caravan holiday park in easy reach of where you live, you can also have a long weekend break whenever you feel you deserve one.

We all need quality rest away from the demands of home and work on occasion, and lashings of fresh air, outdoor fun and a dash of exercise are additional benefits.  There’s no doubt about it – a caravan holiday is the perfect solution for improved health and wellbeing.

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* Pitching the Value report

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