Celebrate Spring at Coastal Kippford

Springtime in Scotland is one of the most memorable and amazing experiences.  This area of natural hills, lochs, forests, and coasts is sure to inspire and delight everyone who passes through so why not take your springtime holiday with us?  With a base at Coastal Kippford, you will find there is much to enjoy.

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme

celebrate spring at coastal kippfordThroughout Spring and Summer a fantastic selection of gardens across Scotland open to raise money for hundreds of charities.  The scheme supports over 250 different charities each year.  Sixty percent of funds raised are donated to causes selected by individual garden openers and the remaining 40% go to three core beneficiaries – Qnis, Maggie’s and Perennial.  Find a garden to visit and support lots of great causes.

Logan Botanic Garden

Visit Scotland’s most exotic garden; a paradise where plant treasures from South and Central America, Southern Africa and Australasia thrive.  Located near Stranraer, in Dumfries & Galloway, Logan Botanic Garden is approx. 70 miles from Coastal Kippford holiday park making it a great day trip.

Royal Botanic Garden

Alternatively, you can travel a little further afield to the world-famous Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, a world-leading centre of excellence in plant science, conservation horticulture and education.  Visitors can experience an extravaganza of plants from around the world, learn about the Garden’s rich and diverse Living Collection and discover a history dating back to the 17th century.

Springtime Walks

celebrate spring at coastal kippfordOf course, one does not need to visit a garden to see the awe-inspiring beauty of Scotland.  Coastal Kippford is a great place for you to explore amazing walks and trails surrounded by the natural beauty of Spring.

From the many trails in the Galloway Forest Park to Mersehead Nature Reserve, you can enjoy the plants, trees, deer, birds, and other wildlife that comes to life in Spring.

Dalbeattie Forest is only 300 meters from Coastal Kippford holiday park and boasts a large selection of forest walks.  Enjoy the tranquil shores of the Plantain Loch while watching the dragonflies and roe deer.  Or walk through the mossy pines of the Birch Trail, where you can enjoy the sights of granite sculptures hidden in the wood.  Check out the best trails in Dalbeattie Forest.

The Wildlife of Kippford

Kippford Community Nature Reserve, known affectionately by the locals as The Kipp, aims to increase the abundance of local wildlife in the area.  Already it has become a place for many bird species to gather.  Tits, larks, woodpeckers, and kestrels were among the first to settle in the nature reserve.

Badgers, red deer, red squirrels, wild swans, otters, goats, shrews, voles, mountain hares, and leatherback turtles are just a few of the many animals that inhabit the region around The Kipp and Coastal Kippford.

Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival

The Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival is the largest rural performing arts festival in Scotland and will run from 20-29 May this year.  The 10-day festival brings world class theatre, music, dance, comedy and spoken word to local audiences and venues across the region.  Why not book one of our rental accommodations and enjoy the multiple events throughout this festival?

Kick Back at Coastal Kippford

celebrate spring at coastal kippfordWhatever it is you seek in Spring, you can guarantee a peaceful holiday at Coastal Kippford and that’s why so many of our visitors come back time and time again.

Can you imagine relaxing on the decking of a Coastal Kippford holiday home as you watch the red squirrels and rabbits play?  What a peaceful and relaxing day that will be!

Check out the holiday homes for sale at Coastal Kippford and have your very own holiday home to escape to, not only in Spring but throughout all four seasons.  Viewing appointments are available 7 days a week.  Simply give us a call on 01556 620 636.

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