Get a Taste of Scottish History with a Visit to Langholm

Are you deep into holiday preparation mode and currently planning your itinerary?  Will you be visiting Coastal Kippford, often referred to as a ‘hidden gem’ in Dumfries and Galloway?  If so, it’s well worth looking into the surrounding areas so you can consider add-on day trips.  For those with an affinity and passion for all things history-related, a visit to Langholm is a must-see location.

Not sure a visit to Langholm is right for you?  Let’s explore all this Scottish historic destination has to offer.

A Rich History to Explore

While Langholm holds appeal for many reasons, its history is what often draws visitors in.  This is a chance to step way back in time and learn about Scottish heritage and culture.  Geographically speaking, the area is surrounded by rolling hills.  This makes for a visually stunning landscape and backdrop.  It’s also a mere six miles north of the English border.

Langholm got its beginnings back in 1621 when it was just a burgh.  Of course, its history goes much further back than that, but as far as recent times – 1621 is the year given to it.  The town itself rose to importance thanks to the textile production industry.

Today visitors can work their way through the Clan Armstrong Centre to learn more about Langholm’s beginnings and its history, and they can also explore the Prehistoric trail which features citadels, farm steadings and ancient stone circles.  The trail is north of the Esk Valley.

There are also several little-known facts about Langholm that you may find interesting.  These include:

  • Langholm’s print media has a notable title in that it’s home to the oldest penny newspaper in all of Scotland;
  • Langholm is a thrill for music lovers, in particular those who appreciate brass bands.  It is home to the oldest surviving brass band in Scotland, “The Toon Ban” which began in 1815.  The band is so well-known and respected it has even played for members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth;
  • Sports enthusiasts will appreciate that its rugby team has some very deep roots, as it began back in 1871;
  • Geographically, Langholm is surrounded by four hills.

Love the Outdoors – Langholm Is Ideal for Walking and Hiking

For those who love a slower pace to their travels and like an opportunity to explore, walking and hiking trails are the ideal option when in Langholm.  The countryside is simply stunning in this area, so what better way to see it than by being immersed within it?  As for where to walk, check out the waymarked walks that you’ll find in the countryside and around the town.

The walking paths are incredibly approachable in that they are meant for all skills and abilities.  Whether you like to take things slow and steady, or you prefer walking at a brisk pace, these paths are perfect.  If you’re visiting with children, the waymarked walks will keep them happy and entertained as there is just so much to see.

A few notable sights to explore while walking include Whita, Warbla, Meikleholm, Castle Hill, and Timpen.

If you prefer something that feels more “off-the-beaten-track” and offers wildlife viewing then the Becks and Gaskells Walk is a must-do.  This is a 4K walk, which means singles, couples and families can easily handle it, just go at a pace that works for you.  As long as the weather is clear and dry, you won’t need boots as this track is well-traversed.

For those who enjoy night sky viewing, Langholm has created a name for itself thanks to its incredibly low levels of light pollution.  This means on a clear night you’ll be treated to some exceptional star-gazing opportunities.

Bring Your Pocketbook as the Shops are Sure to Interest You

Langholm also has a collection of cute shops that shouldn’t be missed.  You’re going to want to bring your pocketbook as you’re sure to find at least a few items that grab your attention.  There are the typical gift shops, but you can also explore the family-run shops, traditional shops, grocery shops and even a cycle shop for those who are avid cyclists.

If you’re looking for something a bit more specific and unique, then the speciality shops could be up your alley.  Check out options like Yarns to Yearn For which specialises in textiles and yarns; the Art Corner Gallery which is perfect for those searching for fine art pieces; and Holmspun which has a reputation for offering intricate crafts, arts and gifts.

You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the shops, especially if your interests are varied.

Love Festivals – Keep an Eye on the Calendar of Events

For those who love attending special events and festivals, be sure to watch Langholm’s calendar of events.  There are a variety of major events that happen throughout the year, so you may want to plan your visit around one that catches your eye.

Some examples of annual fun events are:

Langholm Bonfire – This one takes place around Nov 5th yearly and features a spectacular bonfire.  You can browse through the many stalls that sell food and drinks, and enjoy the fireworks that also mark the event.

Spring Fling – As its name implies, this is an event that is meant to celebrate the arrival of spring.  It’s a craft and visual arts-focused event, and Langholm has several artists who take part.

Langholm Common Riding – This is a festival built on traditions and takes place on the last Friday in July.  At 5am sharp the flute band marches through town to spark the beginning of the event.  From there the festivities begin and there is a ceremony that commemorates the day.  It’s a big event and it’s packed with fun for residents and tourists alike.

Add Langholm to Your List of Must-See Destinations

So as you plan your stay in fabulous Coastal Kippford, why not tack on a day trip to Langholm so you can experience all it has to offer?  Check out our holiday rental availability.

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