The UCI Cycling World Championships is coming to Scotland

Catch the Cycling Fever and Explore Scotland’s Incredible Trails in Coastal Kippford

Cycling in ScotlandIf it seems like cycling fever has hit Scotland you aren’t far off the mark as the UCI Cycling World Championships gets closer each day.  Taking place in Glasgow and across Scotland from 3 to 13 August it is promising to be a wildly exciting and competitive event, and it’s also spurred a lot of interest in the sport itself.

Just How Big is the UCI World Championships?

Wondering just how big the UCI Cycling World Championships are?  This is an opportunity for cyclists in several different areas to showcase their talent and compete on a world scale.  Check out such competitions as BMX racing, BMX freestyle flatland, indoor cycling, Gran Fondo, mountain bike cross-country, track and more.  Fans and spectators of the various forms of cycling can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of it all.

This is a gathering of truly elite athletes as the competitions won’t just test their skills physically but also mentally.  Tickets have already gone on sale for those wishing to attend in person.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to feel connected to the sport of cycling and enjoy the inspiration that Scotland provides.  People of all skill levels can explore trails and get a taste of what the athletes may be going through.

Feel a Connection to the Sport and Get Inspired

If you’re feeling inspired to get your bike out and explore what Scotland has to offer, then you’ve got to check out the 7stanes biking centres.  These can be found in the south of Scotland and are considered world-class mountain biking trails.  They are so incredible that they attract cyclists from other countries as well.  And not to worry, there is no experience necessary to give these trails a try, you just need to have the drive and desire to do so.  Even families can find a trail that suits their skill level.

7stanes Dalbeattie Heart StaneWhat’s also cool is how the 7stanes got its name.  The word “stanes” means stone and with that said you’ll find stone sculptures in each of the 7stanes locations.  The sculptures are meant to reflect a legend or myth.  They add another level of interest to the trails and may prompt you to visit all of them.

Book a Stay in Coastal Kippford and Have Access to Nearby Trails

Rather than just hitting the trails for a couple of hours, why not let cycling inspire you to book a holiday built around the activity?  A stay in Coastal Kippford means you’re nearby spectacular trails that will fit all your needs as a cyclist – whether you’re a beginner or fancy yourself somewhat of a pro.  Be sure to visit the 7stanes trail centre locations of Forest of Ae, Dalbeattie, and Mabie.

Forest of Ae

What the Forest of Ae trail excels at is variety.  Here you’ll find red, blue and green-graded trails which means there is truly something for everyone.  If you’re more advanced be sure to check out the extreme downhills section of the trail.  Some cyclists may also want to work on technique while at Forest of Ae which can be done in the skills area.


If Forest of Ae sounds a bit too challenging for you, then Dalbeattie could be the better option.  This one is described as a more relaxing trail but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring.  You’ll be able to take in the spectacular coastal views, test your skills on the granite and even challenge yourself with the technical trails if you choose.


Then there is Mabie, which is a different kind of trail again.  This one is perfect for beginner cyclists or those who appreciate a more relaxed pace and easier trail.  Not to worry, if you’re highly skilled there are still trails for you and a skills area.  The ultra-challenging trails work their way through the forest which helps make it all the more exciting.

A Few Tips Before Heading Out on the Trails

7stanes world class mountain biking trailsJust a few small tips to consider before hitting the trails, these will ensure you have a great ride and are well-prepared.

  1. Start by doing some research on each trail, making sure you’re aware of the length and trail grade.  This will help determine its skill level.
  2. What kind of terrain will you be riding on?  Keep in mind these are mountain-biking trails.
  3. Are you looking for a trail that also offers practice areas for you to build your confidence first?
  4. How many trails are located at that destination, is it a good variety?
  5. It is a downhill, uphill or flat trail?
  6. What will the scenery be like?
  7. Is your mountain bike in good condition, is it trail-ready?

Spending time on the trails should be fun, relaxing and rewarding, not a chore.  Taking the time to research the trail and pick the ones that match your skill level, expectations, and riding style is very much encouraged.

To ensure you stay safe on the trails there are also safety tips posted on the Forestry and Land Scotland website.

This brings us to another important feature of the 7stanes trails.  They use a mountain biking trail grade system to make it simpler for cyclists to choose appropriately.  Green is the easiest level and is meant for novices and beginners.  You can certainly use a mountain bike or most other types of bikes.

Then we have blue which is a moderate skill level.  This is ideal for those with off-road riding experience and skills, and who are considered intermediate.  You will encounter many small obstacles on the way such as small rocks, roots from trees/bushes, steep slopes and so forth.

For more of a challenge, you can try the red trails which are classified as difficult.  These have down drop-offs, and steep climbs and are specifically meant for experienced mountain bikers with excellent skills and plenty of experience off-road.  Your bike also needs to be able to handle challenging terrain.

The black trails are for experts and are classified as severe.  You’ll need to feel confident on the red trails before trying a black one.  They are extremely demanding and are for expert mountain bikers.

Finally, we have the orange trails which are non-singletrack trail grades and are extreme downhill, freeride areas and dirt jumps.  These are for different styles of riders – think elite riders.

Get Caught Up in All the Excitement

So if you’re looking for the perfect spring and summer activity, a trip to Coastal Kippford to check out the local cycling is the perfect way to get in on the UCI Cycling World Championships action.  Book your rental accommodation today.

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