Tips to Help You Buy the Right Static Caravan

Buying a static caravan is a great idea if you love the outdoors and enjoy taking regular holidays with friends and family but this doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and purchase the first one you see.

Taking the time to do a bit of research and knowing what to look for during the process will ensure you buy a holiday home that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Must-Know Tips for Investing in a Static Caravan

Whether you want to purchase a caravan as an investment or a holiday home for your family, here are a few things you should consider.

static caravanResearch the Holiday Park

When you purchase a static caravan, you want to make sure the holiday park has everything you need.  Visit the park at least once to decide if it meets your requirements.  For example, if you will be travelling with kids, make sure that there are adequate facilities for them.  Is the park pet friendly?  You may want to bring your beloved pets on holiday with you.  The location of the park also plays a role – are you willing to travel there for your holidays and are you happy with the activities in the area?  Some villages in Scotland are renowned for their outdoor activities, while others are more ideal for art lovers and those who want to dine out and shop.

Stick to a Budget

Finance is always an option but it’s advisable to stick to a budget when purchasing a static caravan.  It’s also important to ask the holiday park about any additional costs that you should be aware of.  For example, you will need to pay a pitch fee every year and gas and electricity will need to be taken into consideration too.

Insurance Costs

Yes, your caravan will require insurance.  Ask about this before you purchase a holiday home so that you can factor in any insurance costs.

static caravanSubletting Options

Do you plan to rent or sublet your static caravan?  If so, you may want to speak to the holiday park about this as it may be prohibited.  If allowed, it’s a great way to earn an annual income which can go towards your pitch fees and other costs.  It is important to check how many months of the year the holiday park is open; some parks are open all year, others may close during winter months.

Caravan Features

Lastly, before you start hunting for a static caravan, make a list of features that are important to you.  For example, how many bedrooms do you require?  Doing so will speed up the elimination process and ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.  You want your holidays to be comfortable, so choose a space that you know you’ll enjoy spending time in.

By keeping these basic tips in mind, you can look forward to many exciting caravan holidays in the future.  You can also check out our first time buyer’s guide for more helpful information.

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