What to Do Now That You Can’t Go on Holiday

If you’ve recently had to come to terms with the fact that you can’t go on holiday anymore, know that you’re not alone.  Many couples and families are cooped up at home instead of enjoying the holiday they’ve been planning for months.

With all non-essential travel banned, staycations are on hold as are foreign holidays.  With there being no definite answer as to when the world will go back to a different kind of normal, there are ways to stay positive during a very confusing and uncertain time.

How to Stay Positive When You Can’t Go on Holiday

Here are a few things that you can do to make your time at home a more positive experience.

1. Don’t Focus on What’s Missing

It’s normal to feel down about the fact that you can no longer go on holiday but it is possible to shift your focus.  Instead of focusing on what’s currently lacking or missing in your life, focus on everything that’s going right.  Perhaps you still get to earn an income by working from home or you’re getting the chance to spend more time with your children.  There are always positives to focus on and you can get excited about when you will finally be able to go on holiday again.

Here are a few things that you can do in Kippford once you can go on holiday again.

What to Do If You Can't Go on Holiday_Coastal Kippford2. Get Some Fresh Air

Even though social distancing measures need to be adhered to, it is still possible to take a stroll and get some fresh air.  Doing so can really help relax you and ensure you’re getting a change of scenery during the week.

3. You Don’t Need to Get a Million Things Done

When you’re cooped up at home, it’s easy to feel pressured to learn a new skill, make changes or complete your to-do list but this isn’t necessary.  Yes, keeping busy is a good thing but you are allowed to use this time to relax too.  You were planning a holiday after all, so you obviously need a breather.  Make some time to do the things you enjoy during this time too.

4. Bring Life to Your Home

If you were planning a seaside or countryside holiday, you were more than likely looking forward to a change in energy.  Instead of switching on the news in the mornings, why not open up the windows, switch on some music and bring life to your home to keep your spirits up.  Still having some sort of routine or a few daily rituals will help get you through the harder days.

What to Do If You Can't Go on Holiday_Coastal Kippford5. Try Something New with Your Family

Since you will have some extra time to spend with your family, why not do something fun together?  You could cook together, play boardgames or even pick up a hobby that you will all enjoy.  If you love being active, you could even create a few exercise routines.

It’s important to remember that people all over the world are being faced with challenges and disappointments but the good news is that this will pass.  We all have many more holidays to look forward to – hopefully in the very near future.

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