Why A Holiday In Coastal Kippford Could Be Perfect for 2023

Exploring the Many Sights and Attractions that Surround Coastal Kippford

Holiday in Coastal KippfordIf you are deep into holiday planning mode, then there’s no doubt you’re after a location that will tick all the boxes.  Holidays are meant to help you unwind, relax and enjoy the finer moments in life without the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities.  So for those who want to escape busy city living, explore the coast of Scotland and feel like time has stopped, then Coastal Kippford could be the perfect destination. 

Kippford is found in South West Scotland, an area of the country that is well-known for its natural beauty, slow-paced life and stunning coastline that has earned it the nickname “Scotland’s Riviera Coast”.  Not convinced yet that a holiday at Coastal Kippford is right for you? Let’s check some of the highlights and attractions of the region of Dumfries and Galloway, showcasing the best of the best.

Port William Hugs the Shore of Luce Bay – Ideal for a Day Trip

Take a short little trip to western Galloway and you’ll find Port William which hugs the eastern shore of Luce Bay.  The area gets its name from Sir William Maxwell of Monreith who founded the village back in 1770.  The area is special in that it was the first harbour in Western Galloway, making it very important.  Its history is filled with interesting moments and facts.

Holiday in Coastal KippfordThis is a perfect stop for the day, as that provides you plenty of time to check out the beaches, the local shops, play parks and nature.  If you’re the active type, you may want to base your visit on a round of golf, a walking trail or even a biking adventure.

The coastal scenery is unbeaten and simply beautiful.  Be sure to stop and get a photo at the popular direction pole that shows you where notable cities are located and the distance.  For example London (323m), Belfast (60m) and New York City (3,540m).  Another notable photo opp is the “Fisherman Statue” which overlooks the coastline.  He seems to be peering into the sea with a thoughtful look on his face.

Thornhill – Home to One of the Most Spectacular Castles

Holiday in Coastal KippfordAlso worth exploring while staying at Coastal Kippford is Thornhill.  This small village is between Sanquhar and Dumfries and was built back in 1714.  There is some debate however as to when the village was founded, with some claiming it could date back to the age of the Romans.  Back in 1714, it acted as a staging post between Glasgow and Dumfries, making it extremely important. 

For those who love hikes and walks, Thornhill is a perfect destination.  You can set your own pace and not be worried about uneven terrain, which makes it perfect for walkers of all skill levels.  Just make sure you leave time to visit Drumlanrig Castle which is four miles north of Thornhill.  This castle is open to the public and is seen by many as one of the best renaissance buildings in the country.  It’s also home to the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry to this day. 

Besides sightseeing and exploring Thornhill by foot, be sure to also bring your appetite as the village is dotted with quaint and tasty spots to eat.  The local shops will appeal to those who love to collect items and mementoes while on holiday.

Enjoy a Sense of Laid Back Living and Rolling Hills in Lochmaben

For those who love visiting castles, Lochmaben is also within the region of Dumfries and Galloway, making it another must-see attraction. 

While a small town, Lochmaben is home to Lochmaben Castle.  It’s not a grand castle like some of the others you may see, rather it is now mainly ruins.  It’s really about the history here, as it was built by Edward I back in the 14th century.  What makes the site more interesting is the 14th century castle was meant to replace what was a much older bailey castle and motte.

Visitors can and should brush up on their history in advance to give the site more meaning.  The castle has seen many important visitors over the centuries including Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley.  Both visited in the year 1565.  Thanks to its rather intriguing history it is now a scheduled monument.

The castle is often the premier highlight for tourists, but that’s not to say there aren’t other attractions in Lochmaben.  The area is surrounded by green rolling hills, untouched natural beauty and plenty to keep all ages busy.  If you’ve had an interest in the Annandale Way walking trail, it’s worth mentioning that Lochmaben is along the trail. 

Gatehouse of Fleet Appeals to the Active Tourists

Holiday in Coastal KippfordIf you consider yourself an active traveller who doesn’t like to sit around and watch life pass you by, then Gatehouse of Fleet should keep you busy.  While it’s a historical town with many attractions, sights, shops and restaurants, it’s also home to all kinds of sporting opportunities.

Some of the activities you can take part in include sailing, cycling, walking, golfing and fishing.  Activities such as these give you an opportunity to live like the locals and get a true sense of nature.

Did you know that Gatehouse of Fleet is also a UNESCO Biosphere community?  What this means is that both local businesses and residents have joined up to make the biosphere a top priority, doing what they can to conserve and protect the natural resources.  It also means they promote local products, research and more.

You Set the Pace and the Itinerary of Your Coastal Kippford Experience

Perhaps one of the best things about Coastal Kippford is being near so many historical towns and villages that are filled with landmarks, photo opportunities and a chance to become one with nature.  It’s up to you to set the pace and itinerary of your holiday, whether you like the idea of a few short day trips or would rather focus on one particular area.

And let’s not forget that the area isn’t just for adults, rather there is family fun to be had.  Again, it comes down to your expectations, what you want to fit in and just how relaxed you want to be. 

Whatever your aim, Coastal Kippford provides a home away from home.  With lodges and caravans for sale or rent, a short break away may lead you to your second home.

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