How long is Coastal Kippford holiday park open for?

Some holiday parks are only open during the holiday seasons, others open from Spring to Autumn and close for the Winter months.  We’re often asked how long Coastal Kippford holiday park is open for.  The answer is, we’re open all year so our Owners and Guests can enjoy all four seasons.

Why is Coastal Kippford open all year?

Coastal Kippford holiday parkMany holiday parks run under the assumption that people will only want to take a break in the summer.  It is true that many people like to go away in the warmer months, especially to holiday parks by the sea.  But at Coastal Kippford we understand there is beauty to be found in the countryside no matter what time of year it is. 

People don’t need to only go on holiday during the summer months.  Having a lodge or caravan at Coastal Kippford means you can go on holiday every time you need a break.  It should not have to matter what the season is.  You should be able to come to a holiday park and relax in nature, enjoy a woodland walk, and look at the wildlife, every month of the year. 

Why visit Coastal Kippford in the off-season?

Coastal Kippford holiday parkOff-season, when many other parks close, Coastal Kippford stays open to bring you the delights and wonders that you can only find at those times of the year.  Consider the benefits of an off-season holiday: 

  • Tourist towns are quieter and back to their charming little selves. 
  • There are plants and creatures that you are only going to see in the cooler months. 
  • The views and sunsets look spectacular in the winter. 
  • The colours of autumn are a wonder to see, especially in the nearby woodland and along the walking trails.
  • You can see the Northern Lights in Scotland in mid-October (or mid-March).
  • Nature is free all year round.  Walks, trails, views, and drives, are all things you can enjoy no matter the time of year.
  • The beach.  A short walk from Coastal Kippford.  One does not need the sun to shine to comprehend the magnificence of the ocean or enjoy a relaxing walk along the coastline. 
  • While you always have the option to come with your family during the school holidays and enjoy the delights of Scotland together, it is a great feeling to have the option to enjoy holidays outside normal holiday seasons. 

All in all, an off-season holiday is quieter, more relaxing, and gives you more time to enjoy the bounteous beauty of nature. 

Can I really come on holiday anytime?

Coastal Kippford holiday parkAbsolutely.  By having a holiday home on our park you will have the option to come on holiday anytime throughout the year.  We are open no matter the season or the weather. 

Springtime is a time for wildlife, singing birds, new flowers, the smell of fresh rain, and woodland walks. 

Summertime brings glorious skies, hot days, and moments that make memories last a lifetime. 

Autumn brings colour, vibrancy, early evenings, and memorable sunsets. 

Winter has those cozy nights in your holiday home with days enjoying views that you can only get in the winter.  Frosty mornings, crystal clear cold days, and mugs of steaming hot chocolate on your verandah. 

Coastal Kippford holiday parkWinter time also brings all the delights of the festive period.  Can you imagine spending time with your family out in the luxuries of nature? The Coastal Kippford community is a wonderful place to spend the festive period together with your friends and family.  There’s something for you all to enjoy. 

You can come and relax in Scotland at a moment’s notice.  Your holiday home is always waiting for you. 

Get your perfect holiday home at Coastal Kippford

You can have your very own holiday escape waiting for you at Coastal Kippford holiday park no matter the time of year.  Check out the holiday homes for sale at Coastal Kippford today to start planning your adventures.  We are the place to come and relax no matter the time of year. 

With viewing appointments available 7 days a week and a community that is just waiting to welcome you, you cannot go wrong with us.  Simply give us a call on 01556 620 636 to make an appointment and invest in your future holidays.

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