If I Buy a Holiday Home at Coastal Kippford How Often Can I Use It?

Every holiday park has its own rules on holiday use.  Coastal Kippford is no different.  To help clarify the rules on our Park we’ve outlined the most commonly asked questions.

Coastal Kippford Holiday UseHow Often Can I Stay at Coastal Kippford in a Year?

One of the many attractions of our Park is that we have a 12 month site licence meaning we are open all year, every year.  You can come on holiday at any time (including Christmas and New Year) and enjoy all four seasons in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

How often you stay at the park and use your holiday home is entirely up to you.  We do not limit the number of holidays you can take in your holiday home.  The whole point of having a holiday home is that you can enjoy a holiday whenever you want as often as you like. 

If I Can Use the Park Throughout the Year, Can I Live There?

I’m afraid not.  Although we are open throughout the year, we are a non-residential Park.  Our lodges and caravans are for holiday use only and can’t be used as a main residence. 

When you purchase a holiday home with us we will ask for the address of your main residence which will be used for all correspondence.  We may at any time ask for proof of address to ensure you and the Park are complying with the terms of our site licence from Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Coastal Kippford Holiday UseHow Long Can I Stay at Coastal Kippford on a Single Holiday?

There is no hard and fast rule for the length of a holiday at Coastal Kippford.  You can stay with us one day or 30 days, or even 60!  At the end of the day the rule is not that you stay with us a set number of days, it is that you have a permanent residence elsewhere; a place where you mainly live. 

Everyone has unique needs, lifestyles, and circumstances, so we do not put a number on your holiday time.  Instead, we encourage you to enjoy your holiday home your way. 

Can I Retire in the Park?

At Coastal Kippford we welcome all ages who wish to relax in the stunning countryside of South West Scotland.  Whether you are a working family, semi-retired or retired our Park is open to you for holidays.  

As our Park is non-residential our lodges and caravans cannot be used as your main residence as this would be a breach of our licence conditions.

Coastal Kippford Holiday UseFind Your Perfect Holiday Home at Coastal Kippford

Why not check out our lodges and caravans for sale.  With us, you can find your perfect holiday home to escape to whenever you wish.  We have viewing appointments available 7 days a week so you can view your future holiday home at your leisure. 

To contact us and discuss any queries you may have, call +44 (0)1556 620 636.  We look forward to welcoming you to our corner of paradise.

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