Why A Coastal Kippford Caravan Is Right For You: Christine’s Story

“We feel like we’re ‘on holiday’ every time we come to Kippford.”

This is one of our long-time customers who recently upgraded to a new caravan.  Chris (Christine Toward) sees the purchase as an investment in Kippford.

“We didn’t make the decision lightly,” she revealed, “We live 150 miles away, so we wouldn’t have committed ourselves unless we were sure.”

What would make someone drive two and a half hours when they could easily find another holiday park closer to home?

Here’s Chris’ story.

The Right Van At The Right Time

Friends introduced Chris to Kippford and she and her family immediately loved everything about it.  The location, she says, is a big plus.

Location, Location, Location

Coastal Kippford CaravanIf you’ve never been to Kippford, it’s on Scotland’s southwest coast along the Solway Firth.  The coast benefits from the Gulf Stream, a weather system that brings warm water from the south.  This makes for balmy summers and mild winters that can be enjoyed inside your van, or out at the many happenings and sites of interest around the park.

“It always feels instantly relaxing when we get to our van.  It’s our sanctuary, but friends love it as well.  There are so many community-organised events in the area.  Spring Fling, artist weekend, and open gardens, so there is always something going on.  There’s also a good selection of pubs and restaurants.”

One of Chris’ favourites is the park’s grounds.  “We love the scenery, but also the peace and quiet and the access to a multitude of forest walks.”

Coastal Kippford CaravanKippford’s grounds have been consistently recognised as some of the best in the area.  This is in no small part due to the cross-section of plant and tree life found here.  Visitors are guaranteed a riot of colour and something of visual interest year-round.  That’s because the Gulf Stream also supports vegetation that grows in few other places in the UK.

And as far as Chris is concerned, the layout of the park’s grounds makes it the winner when compared to other holiday parks.

“The park is very well set out, maximising the natural landscape of the site.  The park’s policy means all vans are uniform in colour and the site is always ordered and well-kept.  We have been to other sites and particularly like the fact that the vans on our site are spaced out well and not row and rows overlooking each other.”

Friendly Staff

But Chris feels she and her family’s experience would be reduced without Kippford’s employees.  “All the staff are extremely friendly, professional, and helpful.  You get the feeling they would go the extra mile to make sure any issues are resolved.”

The Upgrade

Coastal Kippford CaravanGiven all of this, it’s easy to understand why Chris would have no other park but Kippford.  The amenities of her new caravan were just an added cherry on top.  She likes the sliding patio door and large front aspect windows, the colours of kitchen units, the freestanding settee, and the under-bed storage.

She decided to upgrade their caravan because of the increase in demand for staycations fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had become aware that the supply chain was considerably longer.”  She explained.  “The increased costs were also a big factor.  We felt that if we didn’t upgrade when we did, the difference between the resale value of our old van and the cost of a new van would be too great.”

Is a Coastal Kippford Caravan Right For You?

Coastal Kippford CaravanBeyond its location, amenities and proximity to events, activities, and sites that you are sure to enjoy, owning a static caravan at our holiday park can bring you additional benefits.

Think of the cost savings you’ll enjoy on any of your staycations.  You won’t have to book a flight, research hotels, or find ways of getting around your destination once you get there.  All of this is expensive and tedious.

A static caravan at Coastal Kippford can be accessed at any time you need it.  You can use your own car to tour the entire coast with your caravan as your base.

Then there are the intangible benefits of owning a static caravan.  Being able to stay in such a beautiful community will help you to de-stress.

The opportunity to commune with nature, to sit on the front porch of your caravan and watch the sun rise or set, or to visit the nearby seaside and feel the sand under your toes and hear the waves breaking on the shore can only improve your physical and mental well-being.

Coastal Kippford CaravanYou’ll also have the time to build and extend your community as you get to know and enjoy activities with your park neighbours and the wider Kippford community.  And not just them.  Use your caravan to create that family time you’ve been wanting with your spouse, children or extended family, creating memories that will live on.

The odds are that you won’t regret it.  Chris doesn’t.

Getting In Touch

Our office will be happy to chat with you regarding the purchase of a holiday home.

Holiday lodges and caravans at Coastal Kippford allow unlimited holidays throughout the year.

Some purchasers buy as a holiday let to earn an income while the holiday home is unoccupied.  A copy of our rental policy is available on request.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1556 620 636 if you’d like more information on buying your dream holiday home in a beautiful holiday park in South West Scotland.

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