Is it Worth Getting a Static Caravan at Coastal Kippford?

Don’t take the Park’s word for it.  Here’s what one of our Holiday Home Owners, Angela and Paul Harrison from County Durham, think about owning a static caravan at Coastal Kippford.

Static Caravan at Coastal Kippford“Many a time we have been asked what is better – Tourer or Static?  Here’s what we think…

Having lived both lifestyles we are in the perfect position to ponder on and answer that question.  You see, we started out with a tourer caravan, but like so many others we changed to a static as the years went by eventually settling down in Coastal Kippford, a masterpiece of a park.

Was it a good move to make?

The following details are why we made the change we did, how it affected our lives, and the benefits of the decision that we made.

A Reason for Change

As life rolled out before us it would have been easy to stay in a tourer and keep on enjoying the things we loved.  However, as our financial situation changed, so did our future.

I retired, said Angela.  This in turn led to my being able to claim a percentage of my personal pension.  This boost in cash meant that we had options before us that we didn’t previously.  It took many long discussions and a lot of listing pros and cons before we realised the best way to make use of these funds.  We changed out our tourer for a static caravan.

Tourer vs Static

What was our reasoning on this?  A tourer gave us freedom, it’s true, but it is not uncommon for people to upgrade to a static caravan.  As a holiday home a tourer can take you many places, but…

  • Many parks are phasing them out by removing the facilities for tourers.
  • Council restrictions and neighbours can be a challenge if you decide to store your tourer at home.
  • Many sites where you would keep your tourer close over the winter period.

We loved our tourer, it was large and comfortable, but it cannot hold a candle to a static.

Static Caravan at Coastal KippfordA static has so much more in the way of space and home comforts, it is essentially like having a bungalow available as a holiday home.  With no stairs and the ability to leave our personal effects there for when we next visit, a static is more like a home away from home which meets our needs and desires perfectly.

How the Static Improved our Lives

Going on holiday is one of those things that takes a lot of preparation and work.  It often leaves you feeling more exhausted after the break than you felt before you left.  Packing, making sure you had everything, waiting for the right type of weather, are all things that add unnecessary strain to a holiday.  The static caravan changed all that.

Packing was no longer a problem, we had everything we needed waiting for us.  Weather was no longer an issue.  These little changes to our holidays meant that we were using the static more than we ever used the tourer, no matter the season.  We use the static as often in wintertime as we do in the summer.  Being retired, I find that I am able to spend a great deal of time in the static at the park and my husband Paul comes up as often as his work allows.

Static Caravan at Coastal KippfordChoosing Coastal Kippford as our Park

When dealing with a static caravan you want to make sure you choose the right park.  It’s not like a tourer where you can simply drive to another park if the current one does not suit your needs.  With that in mind, we did a lot of research before choosing Coastal Kippford.

Our family and friends have asked us why we chose this park above all others.  These are some of our key reasons we made before making our decision.

  • Coastal Kippford is beautiful with amazing landscaping and a lot of conservation work.
  • The plots for the static caravans are set out to give maximum peace and privacy.
  • The views from the plots, (our plot especially) are simply breathtaking.
  • The wildlife is varied and stunning with plenty of birds, badgers and even the iconic red squirrel to watch and admire.
  • It is a peaceful park tailored to people like myself.  If you are after clubhouses and swimming pools, this is not the place for you.
  • It is both child and dog-friendly, the two play parks are safe and fun for the little ones and dogs are made to feel welcome.
  • Kippford village is very close and has some lovely local pubs for drinks and nice food.  To get to it you can go through one of many lovely walks through the woods.
  • With so many places to relax in the park, it is an excellent place to unwind.

Static Caravan at Coastal KippfordCoastal Kippford Felt Like a Step-Up

When we first started caravanning with our tourer, our first site was on a working farm.  It was basically a field which was very peaceful.  But as time went by, the owners put more and more caravans on the site, so it became very overcrowded and our enjoyment waned.

This led to us looking at other parks, but we found them to be bland.  Caravan upon caravan, with not much space or privacy at all.  There was no landscaping.  We found them all to be very boring and extremely basic.

When we found Coastal Kippford we were amazed.  We had never seen a park like it, nor have we seen anything like it since.  We came straight up for a visit and knew it was the park for us.  As of 2022 we will have been on the park for fourteen wonderful years.

Making the Most of Coastal Kippford

We have found that when it comes to a place of peace, tranquillity, community, and safety, Coastal Kippford has it all.

Static Caravan at Coastal Kippford

When my husband comes to the park, we spend a lot of time relaxing and chilling out.  This could mean we are laid back on the decking watching the sunrise, the sunset, the animals, or the leaves as they are blown along the breathtaking landscape.  With the woodland walks nearby, we can spend many a day wandering and enjoying the serenity of the countryside before heading down to Kippford village for a few drinks and a pub meal.  Alternatively, our path might take us to Rockcliffe where we can walk along the beautiful coastline.

A Peaceful Community

Being retired I spend a lot of time at the park.  The static itself is not the only home away from the home vibe that you get, the park comes with a sense of community.  Other static Owners are looking for the same peace and tranquillity as yourself.  There are many chances to get to know them all leading to a wonderful sense of community.  This goes a long way to making the place feel safe.

With wardens also available 24/7, and friendly staff always ready to help, the few minor issues we have had are fixed very quickly.

The staff, we find, are as much a paStatic Caravan at Coastal Kippfordrt of the Kippford community as the other static Owners.  We have been here so long we know the staff very well, all of them are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.  Whilst talking about the team at Kippford, I must give a big shout out to Paul the Warden, nothing is too much trouble for him!  The same goes for the Reception staff, Pam the sales rep and the lads responsible for the upkeep of the park.  The lads do a fabulous job keeping the park looking pristine all year round.  It is always a treat to see one of them working and to wave or stop for a few minutes of local gossip.

Here’s to the Best Move we Ever Made

All in all, the fourteen years we have spent at the park have been wonderful.  We could not imagine not being here, it is a haven of tranquility.  Here is to the next fourteen years of Coastal Kippford and beyond!”

Check out Coastal Kippford for yourself with our short video.

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