10 Reasons To Choose UK Holidays In The Country Over A Break Abroad

UK holidays in the country used to be a common occurrence.  In fact it wasn’t until the birth of package holidays in the 1950s and 1960s that people could easily enjoy a holiday abroad.  Nowadays with today’s bargain basement flights from EasyJet, Ryanair, etc. most people don’t think twice about hopping over to Europe, Asia or the US for a holiday.  This is great, but a shame, as a high proportion of UK residents barely know the country beyond their city limits.  They’ve never thought of having UK holidays in the country: a visit to the Highlands of Scotland, the low lands of East Anglia or the dramatic scenery of the Lake District.  For them spending their summer holiday in Bournemouth or Brighton is no longer fashionable.

But there are many reasons to choose UK holidays in the country over a break abroad.  Here are some to get you thinking.

1. Get To Know Your CountryUK holidays

Most people who book a holiday abroad are in search of sun, sea and sand.  They find a beach side resort which looks lovely on the website, and gaily jet off to slowly roast themselves for 14 days straight in the burning sun.  Even if they wanted to explore the locality, chances are it’s too hot for long distance walks.

However if you have a UK holiday in the country, it’s unlikely the burning heat will prevent you from exploring whenever you want.  Wherever you stay, there will be stunning scenery to admire, historical monuments to teach you the local history, and outdoor walks up hill and down dale.  There’s no better way to get to know your country than getting out and about in it.

2. Holidays Are Simple To Arrange

UK holidays are simple to arrange: decide on your travel preference (car, bus or train), book up your accommodation, and away you go.

Travelling abroad is more complicated  – you’ll have to ensure your passports are valid, and if your young, teenage child wishes to bring a friend too, there are extra hoops to jump through with regard to authorisation documents from their parents.  If you’re flying, you’ll have to figure out how to get to the airport and how to get to your destination from the airport at the other end.

3. Less Hassle To Travel

Yes you’ll have to travel to your holiday destination, and there may be a few traffic jams along the way, but at least you won’t be fighting the crowds at the airport or ferry terminal, or waiting in long lines at check-in desks, X-ray checks and passport control.

4. Easy To Self DriveUK holidays

If you want to drive to your destination in the UK, it’s all rather straightforward: add petrol, family, pets and luggage to your car and you’re ready for the off.  If you choose to drive when you’re abroad, you’ll have to factor in the cost of car hire (can be pricey) and of course you’ll have to get to grips with driving on the wrong side of the road.

5. Accommodation Standards

You know UK standards and when a hotel says it is 4 star, you can be confident that it is.  In the majority of cases, accommodation abroad should match what it promises on the website, but people do get caught out regularly.  For example the beautiful resort they’ve booked is actually in the middle of a building site as new high rise apartments are being built next door; the rustic cottage in the south of France, booked directly with the owner, turns out to be in serious need of attention – more hovel than home from home.

6. Affordable

UK holidays in the country can be very affordable.  Without flights and car hire to consider, you’ll have more money to spend on the fun things, like exploring your surroundings and eating at local restaurants.

Some people are tempted by the all-inclusive package deals abroad, promising all you can eat and drink at no extra cost.  However you are then tied to the resort restaurant for the whole duration of your stay which can mean your food and drink gets very boring! – no popping out to sample the ambience at local restaurants for you unless you want to pay the extra.

7. Easy Communication

Travelling to foreign shores can feel, well very foreign.  If you’re no linguist, and you’re in a non-English speaking country, you may find it off putting that you don’t understand the road signs, can’t decipher what to purchase at the supermarket and can’t chat with the locals.

In the UK you’ll easily find people who speak your language!

8. Eating OutUK holidays

Some people love sampling different food when they holiday abroad.  But if your taste buds are a little more cautious, holidaying in the UK will make life far easier – you’ll be able to pick up your favourite snacks in the supermarket, and easily decide which type of restaurant to dine at.

9. Medical Issues

Depending on where in the world you travel to, you may need vaccinations in advance or have to take malaria tablets.  And if there’s a medical disaster when you’re abroad, it won’t feel particularly reassuring to be in a foreign hospital being treated by doctors who speak a different language.  And woe betide you if you forgot to take out travel insurance to cover unexpected costs such as these.

The UK?  The wonderful NHS is there 24 hours a day.

10. Make It A Road Trip

If you’ve the time, money and energy, turn your summer holiday into a UK road trip.  Plan a journey that will take in places you’ve never yet visited.  If you head to Wales, visit Snowdonia and Harlech Castle; if you head to the Lake District, scale as many mountains as you can; if you head to South West Scotland, take in Loch Ken, the neolithic wonders near Creetown and enjoy restful walks in the Galloway Forest Park.

There are so many advantages to choosing UK holidays in the country over a break abroad – perhaps next year you’ll stay closer to home!

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