Holiday Parks UK: Why Not Head North For A Change?

If you’re browsing holiday parks UK online with a view to booking your summer holiday, don’t forget there is plenty of choice “north of the border!”  Some people always head to the south coast of the UK for summer holidays in anticipation of glorious sunshine and unspoilt beaches.  Sadly the reality often includes a few rainy days and mega crowded beaches, especially in the height of the summer season.

The Climate

Now it can’t be denied that Scotland is on average, a few degrees cooler than England in the summer, and has a few more rainy days, but the variability of the UK climate means it is prudent to pack a waterproof jacket in your suitcase, wherever you’re staying.  So don’t choose the south of England instead of Scotland just because you anticipate a couple more rain showers.

The Beaches

And as for beaches, Bonnie Scotland didn’t get its moniker by being an unattractive land!  It boasts hundreds of stunning beaches – many of them award winning.  Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Dumfries and Galloway.  The Rockcliffe beach, very close to the holiday park of Coastal Kippford, is a particular favourite with our dog loving guests because dogs are allowed on the beach all year round.

When it comes to holiday parks UK, those in Scotland offer just as many things to do and see in the locality as those in the south of England – in fact, maybe more.

The Hills

In Scotland you’re never too far from a hill which provides either a stunning backdrop to your days out or a challenging hill climb – depending on your preference.  This is in stark contrast to the south coast of England where gentle downs are the most common landscape to be encountered.

The closest hill to Coastal Kippford is The Merrick (2,766 ft) – definitely worth the climb if you’re a fan of walking and want to be impressed by the views over the Galloway forest.

The Wildlife

Scotland’s varied landscape is home to a rich variety of wildlife, much of which you can see up close and personal by visiting the numerous nature reserves, parks and farms, or hiking along some of the nature trails.

The History

Even if you’re no history buff, the history of Scotland is fascinating.  At one time it is estimated that there were a staggering 3,000 castles throughout the land; although many no longer exist, you’re still spoilt for choice if you’d like to visit a castle when you’re on holiday.

The number of museums in the country is also breathtaking.  Check out the top rated museums in Dumfries & Galloway on Tripadvisor.

The Towns

Whilst Glasgow and Edinburgh are beautiful cities, offering a wealth of shopping, restaurants and entertainment which put them on par with any big city in England, there are also a host of smaller, charming towns scattered around Scotland, each with their own history and appeal.  Depending on where you stay, you can plan days out visiting some of them.

Our favourite close-by towns include Castle Douglas (known as the food town), Kirkcudbright (known as the artists’ town), Wigtown (known as the book town) and Moffat, known for its amazing floral displays.

The Holiday Parks

Scotland offers a great choice holiday parks, many of which are close to the coast, as is Coastal Kippford.  This provides the best of both worlds, ie. days on the beach when the weather is fine, but never too far away from towns and attractions to visit when the day is drizzly.

Scotland covers a large area, so if you’re tempted to choose a holiday park in the north of UK, rather than the south, think about places you may wish to visit during your stay, so that you can be based close by.  For example if you’re desperate to get a glimpse of the highly elusive Loch Ness Monster (although be prepared to be disappointed), you’d do best to stay in the Inverness area.  If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Gretna Green and the lovers who eloped there to get married, you should stay in the south of Scotland – Coastal Kippford would be ideal!

So if you’re still browsing holiday parks UK online, don’t overlook the fact that those in Scotland have just as much (if not more!) to offer compared to those on the English south coast.

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