Local produce from South West Scotland

It is widely agreed that any good holiday is incomplete without a good meal, especially if the local area has some exciting cuisine options on offer.

The good news for Coastal Kippford visitors is that is the case!

Thanks to its great location, the park is situated only 15-minutes drive from the gastronomic paradise that is Castle Douglas, a.k.a. The Food Town.

With approximately fifty local businesses involved in either producing or selling food and drink, it is easy to see why Castle Douglas has been designated a Food Town.

The vibrancy and appeal of the town lies largely in the draw of the shops and cafés, restaurants and hotels.  Moreover, Castle Douglas may also be called a bountiful land of plenty in terms of fresh produce.  From handmade chocolate to prize-winning smoked salmon, we take you on a tour of its culinary highlights.

Try handmade chocolate at In House Chocolates by Design.

Led by artisan chocolatier Gillian Warden, this cosy cafe offers a wide selection of handmade traditional chocolates and pastries that will blow you away by their variety of flavours and top quality.

Together with their outstanding collection of coffee and tea blends, this place is perfect for a warm chit-chat with your nearest and dearest.  They do both retail and wholesale and you can check their products at https://www.inhousechocolates.biz/

Wine-tasting and more at The Bottle List.The-bottle-list

Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without partaking in a little dram.

The Bottle List has some good-old spirits to offer both from local producers and the world’s best winemakers & distillers.

Established by Chris Bain and Ed Pook in late 2017, this retail shop specialises in crafted wine and spirits.

Don’t miss a chance to visit it while in Castle Douglas for some retail therapy and scheduled tasting events.

You can view their list of drinks at https://www.thebottlelist.co.uk/new-page before visiting the store.

Grierson-BrosBite into a juicy Galloway beef steak at Grierson Bros.

The beef of Galloway.  It’s heavenly, it’s delicious.  The top chefs are hunting for it.

Galloway cattle wander hillsides and pastures enjoying cooler summers than northern Scotland and living outdoors throughout the year due to their distinctive double hair coat.  This means that they really belong to the land.

One of the best spots to buy the beef of Galloway is in Castle Douglas, at Grierson Bros.  They are the fourth Generation of Family Butchers and know-how to provide you with the best steak in town.

They also offer home-made ready meals which are ideal to take back to your lodge or caravan at Coastal Kippford.  You can check their menu at http://www.griersonbros.co.uk/

Taste organic ice-cream and Lockerbie Cheddar at The Ethical Dairy Farm’s shop.

Good grass produces good milk; good milk produces great cheese and dairy products.

If you like the sound of that, make sure to visit Ethical Dairy Farm’s shop that only sells organic products like traditional Scottish cheese and luxury ice cream that are all made from their dairy herd.

This is the first UK commercial dairy farm to follow the method where they hold calves to suckle with their mothers, demonstrating it’s a viable dairy farming option that allows the animals and environment to be treated with respect and kindness.  Check out more about their ethical dairy model at http://www.theethicaldairy.co.uk/


Visit the Fish Galloway Smokehouse.

Despite located a little further afield, it is definitely worth the trip.  The Galloway Smokehouse, just off the A75, sells top-notch freshly smoked Scottish salmon, trout and kippers and offers the Galloway Fisherman Cafe for the best fish dining experience.

You can check out their offerings at http://www.gallowaysmokehouse.co.uk

And last but not least…

Go for a vegetarian guided tour on woodland, hedgerow and coastal foraging.

Mark Williams at Galloway Wild Foods will open your eyes to the larder that lies hidden in the Galloway woods, hills and coasts.  What can be better than gathering fresh organic and super-nutritious produce that grows right under your feet?  Try his tours if you want to restore the vital connection with nature or just have an unforgettable and fun time!

Find out more about the food you can gather: http://www.gallowaywildfoods.com/

We hope that you enjoy your gourmet trip to Castle Douglas and find your favourite local produce that will make you want to come back for more.

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