2021: The Year of the Static Caravan (Will You Be Joining?)

Holidays came to a grinding halt after COVID-19 started spreading at a rapid pace at the start of 2020.  Lockdown forced people from across the UK and Scotland to cancel their holiday plans until further notice.  However, others were more than willing to forgo their vacations due to a fear of contracting the virus or having to spend even more time in lockdown.

The good news is life will slowly return to normal, with holidays becoming a prominent part of people’s annual plans once again.

In September 2020, a report presented to BH&HPA highlighted some interesting findings on holiday goers and how they feel about different vacation options.

It seems that the popularity of caravans, static caravans in particular, is set to soar in the coming year, with a large percentage of people wanting to own instead of rent.

If you have been considering this option yourself, here is a look at some of the most interesting points from the report.

static caravanA New Generation of Owners

Along with the changing opinions on taking holidays in 2021, it seems a new generation of holiday maker is surfacing.

Consumers considering purchasing static caravans are not only growing in numbers, but they are typically younger and than existing consumers.  The new generation of static caravan owners are mostly motivated by value as well as convenience.

Even in 2020, many of the buyers were new to the caravan experience, indicating this was always set to be a growing trend in 2021, with lockdown being a key motivator.

Of the people surveyed for this study, 30% indicated they first considered purchasing a static caravan following lockdown 2020.

Why More People Want to Own a Static Caravan in 2021

static caravanOver and above the convenience and value for money that a static caravan offers, it was interesting to note some of the other reasons why more people are considering ownership.

54% of survey participants stated they always wanted to own a caravan, with 34% indicating they wanted to invest for the rental income.  The remaining participants chose to buy because they wanted the feeling of ownership and would prefer to take more domestic holidays.

With the current state of international travel, it’s clear why more holiday goers would prefer to stick to domestic options until further notice.  Static caravans take it one step further by helping couples and families maintain social distancing, further enhancing the appeal.

The reasons for wanting to purchase a static caravan have certainly changed too.  Previously, close to 50% of owners made the purchase because of a great past experience.  Others opted for static caravans because of the space for families and because it was cheaper than a second home.

Static Caravans: Is It Right for You?

Deciding whether or not purchasing a static caravan is right for you depends on what you value when planning a holiday.

static caravanConsider the following:

  • Year Round Holidays.  One of the best parts of owning a caravan is that you have the option to holiday all year round.  When you don’t need to rely on availability at hotels, Airbnbs and guest houses, it gives you the freedom to get away on a whim.
  • Escape the Everyday.  Caravan holidays are unique.  They give you the opportunity to escape your day-to-day routine and spend some time at your favourite holiday park.
  • Greater Wellbeing.  Nature and the outdoors is a key part of caravan holidays.  Easy access to nature means more walks and fresh air, which is essential to your wellbeing.  What’s more, this type of holiday is one of the best ways to bond with the people you love, providing greater mental and emotional wellness.
  • Automatic Social Distancing.  If coronavirus happens to be one of the reasons why you are reluctant to plan a holiday, a caravan offers greater peace of mind due to the automatic social distancing.
  • Rental Income Prospects.  Lastly, purchasing a caravan is an investment due to the rental income opportunities.  Renting out your caravan is not a must but the option is always there.

This study has certainly highlighted how much the holiday landscape is changing and how we can expect to enjoy time away with our partners and families in the future.

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Source: Report produced by OC&C Strategy Consultants for Willerby and kindly shared with BH&HPA and its members.

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