The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Static Caravan in the UK & Scotland

Freedom and flexibility are just some of the reasons why static caravans have become a popular holiday home choice for families in the UK and Scotland.

A holiday home is one of the biggest purchases you will make though, so it’s not a decision to rush.  The static caravan and holiday park you decide on will determine how memorable and enjoyable your future holidays are, so spending extra time on this decision is well worth it.

This doesn’t have to be a daunting process either.  This guide will tell you exactly what you need to consider before you purchase your static caravan holiday home.

Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Static Caravan

Step 1: Decide on a Location

Your first decision will be where to start searching for a holiday park.

You can do this by first asking yourself why you want to purchase a static caravan.  Perhaps you remember holidays with your parents at the seaside and you want to relive that with your children?

Next, you want to look at travel time.  How long are you happy to travel to reach your chosen holiday park?  When deciding on a location, know that you don’t need to stick to areas that are only accessible by car.  Many great locations can easily be accessed via bus or train too.  Rather focus on how far you would realistically like to travel.  Once you have this answer, you can narrow down the location options.

Lastly, consider your interests.  What do you like to do in your spare time and while on holiday?  This too will help you further narrow down your location options.

Step 2: Finding a Static Caravan Holiday Park

Now that you know where you would like to holiday regularly, you can begin your search for a holiday park that offers static caravans.

It’s always best to first focus on your specific wants before looking at costs.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking at holiday parks:

  • What do they offer in terms of activities and entertainment?
  • What activities and amenities are available in the area surrounding the park?
  • If you are travelling with children, is the park child-friendly?
  • If you plan to travel with pets, is the park pet-friendly?
  • How many units are in the holiday park?  Will it provide you with enough peace and quiet?

Looking at Costs

Once you’ve given some thought to what you’re looking for in a park, you can consider the costs.

There are several costs associated with having a static caravan that you should be aware of:

                  • Site Fees – this is the fee you pay to the holiday park for grounds maintenance and services such as water, sewerage and refuse management.
                  • Gas & Electricity – supplied directly to your holiday home.
                  • Insurance – structure and contents insurance to cover repairs or replacement costs.

Site fees generally make up the bulk of the cost of owning and running a static caravan.  Some static caravan owners offset some of these costs by renting out their holiday home during the months it’s not in use.  If you plan to do the same, don’t forget to find out whether your chosen holiday park permits subletting.

Step 3: Visiting Holiday Parks

Once you’ve narrowed down your holiday park choices, you can make some appointments.  It’s always best to make an appointment so that someone is there to show you around and answer all your questions.

Don’t feel like an appointment means you need to make a purchase decision either – you’re simply there to gather information.  It’s highly recommended that you make a day of these appointments.  This way you can properly explore the park as well as the surrounding area.  If possible, it’s also best to visit the park at the same time you would generally travel there.

Make a list of your questions before you visit a park so that you walk away with all the information you need.  Here are some of the questions you might want to ask during your park visit:

  • What facilities does the holiday park offer?
  • Is the park child and/or pet-friendly?
  • I require a static caravan that can accommodate X number of people, is this available?
  • What rules are in place for static caravan owners?
  • What are the site fees and other costs?
  • Is subletting permitted?

After visiting one or two holiday parks, you can review the answers to your questions and whether or not the park meets your requirements before making a decision.  You are now ready to move onto the exciting step of selecting a caravan.

Step 4: Selecting a Static Caravan

Before you start your search for a static caravan, decide on a budget – it’s no use shopping around for caravans you potentially can’t afford.  Static caravan prices vary and depend on the holiday park, model, size, age and more.  When setting a budget, be sure to include any park-related fees for a more accurate number.

Next, consider the features you want your caravan to have.  What essentials do you need for a comfortable holiday that suits you and your family?  Some of the key features you should focus on include:

  • The kitchen – how much space is available and what appliances are included?
  • The bathroom – how many showers and toilets are there? Do you want an en-suite?
  • The bedrooms – then there are the bedrooms – does the caravan offer enough comfortable sleeping space for each family member?  You will find that some caravans also include a sofa bed to accommodate occasional extra guests.

When viewing caravans, look at the general layout.  Picture having holidays there with your family and decide whether there is enough space.  Only you know what your family is like at home, so chances are it will be similar when you’re away on holiday.

The last consideration is where the caravan is located on the park.  Would you prefer to be close or further away from communal areas?  What kind of view do you want?

If you don’t immediately find a caravan that meets these requirements, put your search on hold until you do.  You can discuss your exact requirements with the holiday park who may be able to order a specific model direct from the manufacturer to suit your needs.

Enjoying Your Static Caravan Holiday Home

Once you do decide on a static caravan, your chosen holiday park will help you settle in.  They will give you a full handover to show you how everything works and how to maintain your holiday home.

From there, you can look forward to memorable moments with your family in a location you love whenever you want to.

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