Last Minute Caravan Holiday? – Why It’s A Great Idea!

If you’re thinking about taking a spontaneous getaway, consider booking a last minute caravan holiday in the UK and give yourself a much-needed change of scenery.

Whether you’re planning some spur-of-the-moment activities to enjoy with your family, or an impulsive weekend away to reconnect with a partner, last minute caravan holidays right here in the UK are the perfect solution for an affordable break.

At Coastal Kippford, our last minute caravan holidays provide a great escape from the burdens of everyday life.  You’ll enjoy the stunning scenery that the South West of Scotland has to offer, and you can kick back in your own space and recharge your batteries!

Here are some reasons to book a last minute caravan holiday in the UK.

1. Last Minute Flexibility

It fits in with your job and your lifestyle  – you don’t need to book “x” months in advance, and you can definitely find a last minute break to suit – you just need to shop around.

2. Last Minute Affordability

Caravan holidays are well-known for their cost-effectiveness and often last minute caravan breaks are available at discounted prices, making them an even more attractive option.  You can use the cash you save to extend your trip, or to splash out along the way without worrying excessively about budgets.

3. Last Minute Travel Costs

There’s no need to book expensive flights or hotel rooms abroad.  Flying abroad at short notice is generally very expensive.  However, if you book a last minute caravan holiday, you can simply pack a small suitcase or two, hop in the car, and arrive in a few hours for the cost of a few gallons of fuel.

No need to think about parking fees, whether or not to leave your car at the long-term or short-term car park.  No need to make sure you’re at the airport two hours before your flight, or think about potential delays or other worries.

4. Last Minute Organisation

Once you’ve booked a last minute caravan holiday, you just need to get in the car and drive to the destination.  Everything you need is there… there is very little planning involved in this type of holiday.  Unlike going abroad, you don’t need to worry about passports, currency, vaccinations, language barriers and so on…  Out of the house – into the car – arrive at your destination – easy peasy.

5. Last Minute Fun

Booking a holiday at last minute can be fun – your family and loved ones may not expecting to go away for a break.  You can provide a nice surprise for them, and as you’re not spending a huge chunk of cash, you’re more likely to enjoy the vacation as you’ll not be worrying about how many hours you need to work to pay for it!

Last minute caravan holiday

6. And Once You’re There

6.1 Do as Much (Or as Little) as You Want

The great thing about a caravan holiday is that you can be as active (or as inactive) as you want. You may fancy visiting the local towns and restaurants, having some family fun days out or simply relaxing at your caravan – the choice is yours!

6.2 Reconnect with Nature

Spending time in the countryside and becoming closer to nature is a common reason travellers enjoy a caravan holiday.  Being immersed in beautiful, natural spaces revitalises body and mind.  There’s no denying that a long walk in the woods or to the top of a mountain in the fresh air, is extremely therapeutic.  Holiday breaks like this provide the perfect environment for the de-stressing that we all need from time-to-time.

6.3 Reconnect with Loved Ones

It’s easy to become disconnected from loved ones when we’re trapped in the monotony of daily tasks, and conversations tend to become a “to-do list” rather than having any meaningful content.  Spending time with partners, family members and friends in natural surroundings can help facilitate real conversation and strengthen important relationships.

Caravan Holidays with Coastal Kippford

We are located by the beautiful seaside village of Kippford in the South West of Scotland.  The local area has plenty of things to see and do for visitors of all ages including breath-taking walks along the coast and through the forest, cycling routes, various family attractions, and superb places to eat and drink.  There really is something for everybody.

If you’ve decided to hit the open road and you want more information on booking your last-minute adventure, take a look through our range of holiday home rentals.

Have a good trip!

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