Scotland Holidays – 10 Surprising Things You Need To Know

If you think Scotland holidays are just for those who want to see men in kilts playing bagpipes, let us put you right.  Scotland holidays are ideal for everyone, ranging from cosmopolitan city breaks to peaceful getaways in the countryside.

scotland holidays


The beaches are as beautiful as any you’d find across the whole of Europe.  Dumfries and Galloway in the south west of Scotland, has 500 miles of coastline and is easily accessible from England, being fairly close to Carlisle.  This stunning area is also known as Scotland’s hidden gem.  You can find sandy beaches with shallow waters, ideal for family trips, as well as secluded bays, rocky outcrops and impressive rough cliffs.


If you love swimming, the good news is that you can swim in the sea at Scottish beaches, especially during the summer.  Specifically, the gulf stream on the west coast of Scotland makes waters warmer than usual.  Apart from the Dumfries and Galloway coastline, the South Ayrshire coast from Troon down to Girvan is simply stunning.  Just bear in mind that you may need a wetsuit if you’re expecting Mediterranean temperatures during your Scotland holidays.


In Scotland the sun sets later than in the rest of the UK.  Great news for those who want longer daylight hours to enjoy various outdoor activities such as water-rafting, coastal explorations, walks in magnificent landscapes, and Munro bagging – the quirky name given to those who walk to the peak of the Scottish mountains which are over 3,000 feet high.


It doesn’t always rain in Scotland: the weather can actually be fabulous, although sadly this is not guaranteed as the climate is changeable.  During the summer be prepared for pleasantly warm temperatures and occasional rainfall.  Whatever the weather, you will always find something exhilarating to do.  So pack a rainproof coat, an umbrella, sun cream and sunglasses and you’ll be ready for anything the weather throws at you.

scotland holidaysHISTORY

Scottish history is complex and spans thousands of years.  You can discover glorious remnants, majestic homes, mysterious castles, and dilapidated fortresses.  If you want to learn more about history and heritage, there are many interesting museums and galleries that will make your Scotland holidays memorable.

scotland holidaysDELICIOUS FOOD & DRINK

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish containing sheep offal minced with oatmeal, onion, suet, spices, and salt, and mixed with stock.  Just forget what it’s made from, and unless you’re vegetarian, try it out.  It is absolutely and surprisingly delicious and is normally accompanied by mashed turnips, known as “neeps” which provide a great balance to this tasty dish.  Do be open minded and try this dish, since it will be a once in a lifetime experience on your Scotland holidays.  However if this isn’t for you, rest assured that Scotland offers as many multicultural eating places as anywhere else in the UK.

You may think you need to sample Scottish whisky to get into the swing of Scotland, but the nation’s favourite drink is Irn Bru.  If you’ve never tried this, a Scotland holiday is the place to get your hands on this fizzy drink, which is also called ‘‘Scotland’s other national drink’’ after whisky.


Get ready for an unforgettable experience by boarding a steam train taking you on a fascinating tour around Scotland.  The award-winning ‘Jacobite’ train will take you past Scotland’s varied landscapes on an 84-mile round trip introducing you to the authentic beauty of Scottish scenery.


Scotland’s scenery is breathtaking and diverse: from imposing mountains to charming beaches, your desire to explore landscapes often associated with myths and legends will be awakened.  You can travel through deep glens encircled by mountains in the Highlands and tour the gently sloping hills and verdant areas of the Lowlands.


You can find many exotic species in Scotland, such as the giant sea turtle at the Sealife Loch Lomond Aquarium and the giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo.  You can also see wildlife at National Nature Reserves, forest trails, and several attractions have animals and reptiles from all over the world.

scotland holidaysCITY BREAKS

For those whose idea of a great holiday involves city sightseeing and swanky hotels, then Scotland still has plenty to offer.  Glasgow and Edinburgh are both cosmopolitan cities that have enjoyed extensive modernisation over the past 20 years.  Glasgow is the second largest UK retail centre after London’s West End and Edinburgh mixes modern shopping centres with views out to Arthur’s Seat – a hill some say was the location of King Arthur’s Camelot – and up to Edinburgh Castle, which dominates the skyline.

Whatever type of holiday you want, Scotland holidays come in a vast array of choices.  Too many people consider Scotland to be simply mountains, rain, kilts and whisky.  However we’ve shown you a truer picture of this wonderful country and hope you visit soon!

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