Year of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters 2020

Year of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters 2020: Caution, it can get wet! 🙂

Scotland’s Themed Years have been running since 2011 as a way to celebrate a particular side of Scotland that deserves to be promoted both nationally and worldwide.

This year Scotland is promoting the Year of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters festival and will be celebrating one of its most remarkable features – its gorgeous waters and coastline.

As we mentioned, the tradition of holding Scotland’s themed years dates back to 2011 when the very first year of Active Scotland took place to promote Scotland’s numerous sports activities that can be practiced all over the country.

Every year thereafter Scotland welcomes the whole world to celebrate one of its most outstanding features, like, its creative contribution to the world’s artistic heritage during the Year of Creative Scotland in 2012 and its historic heritage throughout the year 2017 that was held under the auspices of Scottish History, Heritage and Archaeology.

2022 will focus on Scotland’s stories, however, today we would like to share some insights into the 2020 agenda.

If you live in Scotland or happen to visit us during 2020, be prepared for:

  • the most spectacular and staggering events like a nationwide tour by a 10-metre tall mythical sea goddess puppet
  • a coastal opera featuring modern-day mermaids singing at sunset
  • a six-month rowing relay and a seaweed festival on an uninhabited island

Quite a bit of variety and just a few of the things you can expect to experience that will leave a lasting memory.

The majority of celebrations will take place around multiple waters and coastlines, that runs to over 6,000 miles (slightly over 10,000 miles if you include all the islands) and that have a lot of spots to show off and enjoy.

It’s worth mentioning DolphinFest 2020 in Aberdeen, that is Europe’s best place to see bottlenose dolphins and Scotland’s Boat Show that will be held in the Kip Marina, Inverkip which is just over 30 miles outside of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

The biggest boat show in the country will fascinate you with its new and very special evening event The River of Light during which the illuminated boats will gather offshore at Kip Marina to form a mass floating fairytale spectacle.

Whilst you may think all events will take place in the coastal areas of Scotland, big cities will not miss out on celebrating Scotland’s aquatic richness.

Many screenings of some of the most spectacular outdoor coastal experiences will be presented at the famous Edinburgh International Film Festival.

This year Kippford will be welcoming the annual Sailing Week that will start on Monday 3 August at The Solway Yacht Club which is less than 1 mile from Coastal Kippford Holiday Park.  During its six-day racing programme, the participants will have a chance to explore the most amazing surroundings of South West Scotland.  If you don’t feel like sailing, you can enjoy the event’s full social programme and cheer the participants on 🙂

Sailing in Scotland is available for all levels of sailor, from experienced yacht owners to complete novices, and even for those land lovers who have no intention of ever setting foot in a boat!  Check out our blog post for more information.

Over and above the multiple activities related to the Year of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters 2020, Kippford offers some top-notch spots for fishing, like Gorsebank or Loch Arthur where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views whilst getting a great catch.  Learn more about some of the best places for fishing in the area.

2020 will be unforgettable for water lovers and if you are one of them, try to take advantage of every season and as many events and festivals as possible.

Visit Coastal Kippford for a remarkable holiday where there’s plenty to do, see and enjoy.

We’d be delighted to hear about your experiences which you can share with us on our Facebook page!

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