Caravanning with Kids – How to Keep Them Busy

Caravanning with kids has become increasingly popular in the UK.  Whether your children are still young or in high school, a caravan holiday is a perfect excuse to explore the great outdoors and build new memories together.

However, as with any type of family holiday, it has its stressors, one of which is deciding how you’re going to prevent your children from complaining about being bored every other hour.

Since we’re experts on all things caravan, we thought we would provide you with some tips on how you can keep your children busy while you’re away so that everyone can relax and have a good time.

Caravanning with Kids – Activities for Every Age

While technology is usually the go-to activity for most families, once you arrive at your destination, there is so much more that you can do with your kids to break the day-to-day technology routine.

A little research goes a long way

Before you head out on the road, do a little research on the park you’ll be staying at as well as the surrounding area.  Knowing what’s available to you will ensure that you always have something planned for the day.  Most parks have children’s play areas, so opt for parks that have kept families top of mind if you’ll be travelling with kids.

Go exploring

When you’re staying in an area such as Kippford, there is an array of opportunities to explore the area and its surrounds.  This is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature with your family.  Once you arrive at your caravan park of choice, find out about hikes and other outdoor activities in the area that will allow you to take in the scenery, discover new animals and plant life and have a real adventure.  You can even start by exploring the park itself by letting your kids take the lead.

Go fishing

In an area such as Kippford, there are many places where you can go fishing.  Not only is this a fun activity for your children but there’s something about sitting at the edge of a river or loch and taking in the afternoon sunshine that feels magical.  If you don’t have a fishing kit at home, they’re readily available for hire at most fishing shops.  Plus, you can imagine the reaction your children will have if they actually manage to catch something.

Take in the stars

It’s only when you get out of the city that you realise just how many stars there are in the night sky.  Use this holiday to learn more about the stars with your children.  Layout a picnic blanket, bring along some snacks and get them to use their imaginations as you take in the twinkling lights.  You could even download an app that maps out the stars in the sky if you want to learn about constellations.  SkyView, SkyWalk and StarMap are all popular apps.  Dumfries and Galloway has it’s very own Dark Sky Park, one of four in the world.  Learn more about the Dark Sky Park here.

Arrange a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can keep younger children busy for hours within the caravan park.  One idea is to provide them with a sheet of different colours and get them to find objects that match those colours – shapes work too.  Another idea is to create a list of objects that they need to find around the park – a seed and different types of flowers are all good ideas.  You could even get them to snap a photo of the objects to prove they found them.

Naturally, if it’s raining, you’re going to need some back-up activities such as board games, puzzles, books and toys but ultimately, aim to get outside and explore as much as possible – it is why you’re caravanning with your kids after all.

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